Passengers vote to remove woman from plane in bizarre dispute

The screaming match led to several passengers being booted from the flight.

A woman has been recorded getting voted off a plane by passengers during a bizarre screaming match while "30,000 feet" in the air.

Captured by a passenger in several videos that have been collectively viewed more than 10 million times, a woman is seen shouting at another woman behind to "mind her f***ing business".

According to TikToker Lanais Li, the woman dressed in black, her partner and child were trying to change seats to be closer to the front of the plane while it was already in the air, the New York Post reports.

A photo of the woman wearing black screaming at a woman in grey. Both were removed from the plane later.
A bizarre fight on a Frontier Airlines flight in the US led to a woman being voted off the plane. Source: TikTok/lanaisli

But when a flight attendant told them not to, the woman's partner kept persisting and the pilot was forced to turn the US Frontier Airlines flight around so he could be removed from the plane, which naturally frustrated passengers.

The woman in black then started screaming at the passenger in grey — at which point Ms Li starts recording — for "antagonising" the couple, in an attempt to defend her partner who "did nothing wrong."

To make matters worse, the partner then goes over to the passenger and rudely offers her what is observed to be three one dollar bills, which she immediately throws back at him.

Man fashions idea to 'vote' woman off plane

As the chaos continues, a male passenger who says "there are children on the plane" gets told to "shut up" and then adds fuel to the fire by delivering a speech about "the problem" of "American culture".

"This is literally American culture concocted into one airplane," the passenger in red says in the video. "If everybody really was about everybody as a collective whole, everybody would work together, but everybody is against everybody. It's American culture that't the problem."

He then bizarrely decides to ask everyone to vote the woman in grey off the plane, stating: "If you want to be a d**k to people, we're going to be a d**k back."

"I'm not even kidding. If you can hear me, raise your hand if you want her removed from the flight. I'm not even kidding, I got 40 hands up."

Surprisingly, the flight staff take this act of democracy on and remove her along with the couple and child off the plane, but not before the woman in grey calls the man in red a "f***er".

"30,000 feet, you can't be arguing," the disappointed security guard says of the whole situation while escorting her off the plane.

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