Patsy Kensit gets undressed in the dark

Patsy Kensit gets undressed in the dark because of her body insecurities.
The 56-year-old actress has struggled with her body image for decades, and Patsy admits that she actually struggles to look at her own body.
Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, Patsy shared: "It’s affected my mental health to the point where I’ve had serious issues with agoraphobia.
"I’ve wasted a lot of therapy on body image … It’s not nice to be pulled apart.
"Over the years, I got a real bashing - if someone told me they’d seen a picture of me somewhere, I’d immediately ask them if I looked fat.
"I’ve got areas of my body I don’t like. I’d never lie on a beach unless I was covered head to toe. I just wouldn’t want that exposure.
"I undress in the dark, too. Not even the cat, who is my pride and joy and the one dearest to my heart, has seen me naked with the lights on."
Patsy has found the speculation about her weight to be "soul-destroying" at times.
She shared: "For close to 30 years now, I’ve never been the ‘right’ size. I was too skinny, then I was too fat and nicknamed ‘Fatsy Patsy’.
"It became almost like a national sport trying to get me pictured with a cake in my hand and it was soul-destroying.
"Now, apparently, I’m too skinny again. Whatever I’ve looked like, it’s never been good enough."
By contrast, Patsy felt much more confident during her younger years.
The actress said: "Just the other day, I was looking at some pictures from years ago and there was this shot of me from 'Absolute Beginners' and I was dancing.
"I was 16 when I did that movie and I didn’t have any idea what was going to come at me.
"I was so free and so confident. And I thought: ‘Where did that person go?’"