Paul Giamatti Rocked In-N-Out Cufflinks At The Oscars In A Nod To His Viral Moment

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Paul Giamatti In-N-Out Cufflinks To The Oscars@cufflinks_depot/@clarajwong/Instagram

It's no secret that In-N-Out is the hottest after-party in LA. The cult-fave fast food joint has become a destination to the stars, especially following award shows. In fact, just earlier this year, Paul Giamatti celebrated his Golden Globes win animal-style.

In a nod to the viral moment, The Holdovers star arrived to the Oscars on Sunday outfitted in custom cufflinks with the In-N-Out logo. The man knows how to capitalize on a moment. The Best Actor Nominee showed off his accessory on Instagram, pairing the style statement with a classic black tuxedo.

"Tuning in to the Oscars tonight? If you see Golden Globe winner and star of @theholdoversfilm #paulgiamatti, look closely at his cuff for these custom made In-N-Out Burger Cufflinks," the company behind Giamatti's In-N-Out cufflinks wrote on Instagram.

Leading up to the big night, Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel spilled on what makes the fast food restaurant a "tradition" after award shows.

"I think part of why is because when people are in L.A., one of the things on their list is to go to In-N-Out—and there are a lot of people that are in L.A. just for the Oscars—so they wind up going like, 'Okay.'" Kimmel said. "Also, you get very hungry, so In-N-Out is definitely the award show tradition. Nothing against McDonald's, but on award show night, it's In-N-Out."

Giamatti was captured by fellow actor Michael Warburton while chowing down on a post-Golden Globes cheeseburger fresh off his win for best actor in a comedy or musical. His Golden Globe was right there on the table with him.

He later poked fun at the Twitter moment when giving his acceptance speech at the Critics Choice Awards. "Wow, guys. I didn't think my week could get any better than going viral for eating a cheeseburger," he told the crowd. "Serious, guys, I need that endorsement. So, let's all just pray for me."

Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Brie Larson, and other celebs have similarly celebrated their wins (and drown their losses) in cheese fries.

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