Paul Mescal recalls meeting Nicole Kidman in his 'sweaty underwear'

Paul Mescal greeted Nicole Kidman in his "sweaty underwear" at a London theatre.
The 27-year-old actor suffered an embarrassing encounter with the acclaimed actress outside his dressing room at The Almeida Theatre.
Paul - who was playing Stanley Kowalski in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' - explained on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': "We thought it was the stage manager or something and I go to open the door.
"It's Nicole Kidman, and I'm standing there in, like, sweaty underwear."
Paul admitted that the whole incident was "incredibly undignified".
He said: "You'd think the next smart step is [to] put on some trousers, but there's something incredibly undignified about the act of [pulling up pants]."
Paul rose to international prominence as Connell Waldron in the hit TV series 'Normal People'.
The actor previously admitted that he blew his 'Normal People' wages on a round of drinks.
Paul - who starred on the show in 2020 - said: "I did stupid things like buying the cast a round of drinks, which was pretty much my entire wage!"
The series was released amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and even though it helped to raise his profile, Paul struggled with the lack of a lack of work in the following few months.
He shared: "I’ve struggled with the absence of work.
"A vast period of the day which would’ve been occupied is now totally unoccupied."
Paul turned to exercise as a way of curing his boredom.
The actor explained that he was trying "to get as much serotonin" as he could.
He shared at the time: "My life is a lot of Zoom calls and lots of running. I’ve been trying to get as much serotonin as I can. Serotonin is a wonderful thing."