Paulina Porizkova Shows off Her '58-Year-Old Face’ With and Without Makeup — See the Video!

"I have never felt so desirable or beautiful," the supermodel said

Paulina Porizkova is baring it all on social media.

The 58-year-old supermodel posted an honest look at her bare “aging” face on Instagram last week. In the upload, Porizkova proudly showed her one million followers what she looks like with glam and without.

“This is a 58 year old face without fillers, Botox or surgery in good light,” she began. Porizkova thanked Ivana Tokarska for applying her “professional gorgeous makeup” in the caption of her clip.

As the cover girl smiled wearing a bright red lip and freshly applied cosmetic products, she then cut to a video of herself makeup-free. “I have had lasers (Ultherapy and Morpheus) and used spf religiously since my early twenties,” Porizkova explained.

She continued with her transparency, adding that she’s never put anything “into” her face but that “even with the fanciest creams and lasers that promise to restore some collagen- I am aging.”

Porizkova admitted that sometimes she’s at peace with her changing appearance because her “face has gained character even as it’s lost its youthful prettiness.”

Franziska Krug/Getty Paulina Porizkova during the Ernsting's family Fashion Show 2022
Franziska Krug/Getty Paulina Porizkova during the Ernsting's family Fashion Show 2022

“Fortunately, this change also means being wiser. And bolder. So I keep gulping self acceptance,” she confessed.

The actress stated that although she has “a love in my life who finds me beautiful, and tells me so with words and actions every day,” she was on her journey of self-love before she met her partner. Earlier this year, Porizkova revealed that she was dating television writer and producer Jeff Greenstein.

She and Greenstein met on the membership-only dating app Raya. "This is what commitment looks like these days. Deleting the dating app on which we met," Porizkova captioned a May 3 Instagram upload. The post showed two phone screens with their fingers reaching for the “Delete ‘Raya’?” option.

John Parra/Getty Model Paulina Porizkova
John Parra/Getty Model Paulina Porizkova

As for her sans makeup selfie, Porizkova added that society often tells her that she’s changed “for the worse” as she ages. Thankfully, she hasn’t let negative comments taint the love she feels for herself.

“Inside, I have also changed. I’m told by those who matter- for the better. When I close my eyes, I have never felt so desirable or beautiful,” she said.

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In October 2022, while promoting her book No Filter: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful, Porizkova spoke to WWD about the perception that the world can sometimes have on aging women.

The then-57-year-old opened up about life after separating from her late husband Ric Ocasek. "I was suddenly a divorced woman who had no career, had no way of making money, and also was completely ignored by the population at large and I thought that's not cool because I'm actually a lot cooler now than I was 20 years ago," Porizkova said.

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock Model Paulina Porizkova
Gregory Pace/Shutterstock Model Paulina Porizkova

"I am way smarter. I have more patience. I'm more intellectually curious. I'm more generous. Everything about me is better. But I have wrinkles and that does not make me ugly," she continued. "I just thought that's unfair."

Porizkova also discussed having work done and why she’s chosen to not go under the knife. "I just want a little subtle help," she said. "I don't want any drastic stuff. I don't want to eliminate my age. I just want to look as good as I can given the limitations."

On Aug. 18, before sharing her makeup-free selfie, Porizkova uploaded a collage to Instagram of her past Vogue covers and shared that “the last two are of me over the age of 55.” She asked, “But I look younger on them, don’t I?” while attributing her glow to “flattering light by very skilled photographers.”

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Before wrapping up her post, she discussed the “dark side” of magazine covers, claiming companies will continue to put out what customers buy.

“They are designed to produce shame by negative comparisons and make you buy things to cover that shame,” she wrote. "But it is YOU who shells out the money. If you buy- you will keep getting offered similar wares. Spending time on shaming the women in the photos may make you feel better about yourself for a sweet minute, but then what? They are not the ones responsible. Ultimately, representation hinges on what sells. What sells is what YOU buy."

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