Peggy and Molly receive surprise visitor following magpie’s return

The famous magpie was returned six weeks after a Gold Coast couple surrendered it to Queensland authorities.

Queensland Premier Stephen Miles visiting famous dog and magpie duo Peggy and Molly at Gold Coast home.
Queensland Premier Stephen Miles visited Peggy and Molly at their Gold Coast home this week. Source: TikTok/Queensland Premier Stephen Miles

Famous animal duo, Peggy and Molly, received a surprise visitor at their home this week, days after the famous magpie was returned to the Gold Coast couple.

The wild bird, which has more than two million followers on social media, was reunited with two domestic dogs Peggy and her pup Ruby after it was surrendered by couple Juliette Wells and Reece Mortensen more than six weeks ago.

On Tuesday, two new photos of Molly were shared online just hours after she was reunited with her pal Peggy with Queensland Premier Stephen Miles later paying the family a special visit at their home.

A video shared on Miles' TikTok page shows him inside the family home with Molly perched on his shoulder as he strokes the back of Peggy. "Popped in to see a mate. Thank you Reece and Juliette for inviting me to meet Molly, Peggy, and Ruby," the caption reads.

Premier's stance on Molly the magpie criticised

The premier was a vocal advocate for the bird's return to the Gold Coast family, despite his former role as environment minister. In March, he called for "common sense" to prevail, saying efforts should be made to return the bird to Juliette and Reece who had been caring for it since 2020 after allegedly taking it from the wild without a permit, licence or authority.

His remarks riled up wildlife experts who believe the bird was kept "unlawfully" at the property. Sources within the state environment department (DESI) who spoke to Yahoo News on the condition of anonymity reported feeling like they’d been "thrown under a bus" after Miles weighed into the matter, appearing to undermine their efforts to provide the bird with a new life.

Peggy and Molly supporters excited by magpie's return

The Department of Environment (DESI) agreed to send the magpie back under strict conditions regarding commercial gain. The couple agreeed to several licensing demands.

The decision has been applauded by their supporters, including some who praised Miles for the friendly visit this week.

"Thank you Steven, you did a good thing. So many people are so very grateful," said one on the premier's TikTok video. "Steve this is the best thing you have done so far," wrote another.

Peggy and Molly at Gold Coast home with Juliette Wells
Molly the magpie was returned to Gold Coast couple Juliette Wells (pictured) and Reece Mortensen more than six weeks after they surrendered it. Source: Instagram

Miles denies bowing to social media pressure to intervene in the case, according to the ABC, insisting it was a "common sense" approach.

"The choice between having Molly in a sanctuary or worse still, euthanased, versus being in a home where he's cared by carers that care for [him] as well as surrounded by other animals, I think it's a better outcome," the premier said.

"That's what the act requires — either a sanctuary or euthanasia. I clearly wouldn't want to see either of those things happen."

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