People Are Just Realising Who Kim Cattrall Voiced On Nickelodeon, And I'm In Genuine Shock

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

If you’ve so much as switched on a TV in your lifetime, you’ve likely seen Kim Cattrall (she of Sex And The City, Star Trek, and, briefly And Just Like That... fame).

But in flagrant disregard for my jaw, one X user recently shared that Kim has a connection to an iconic cartoon character.

Reposting a vintage Rugrats clip uploaded by site user @MarioEmmet on (America’s) Mother’s Day, self-described film enthusiast @therosedoctrine wrote: “Kim Cattrall being Chucky’s mother, oh mother, mother, mother, MOTHER...”

And in case you’re wondering whether or not that’s accurate, the Sex and The City actor reposted that repost saying it was “such a great pleasure voicing Chucky’s mum”.


I know! The actor ― who, by the way, was born in Liverpool ― has one episode credit for Rugrats in 1997, where IMdB reveals she voiced Melinda Finster.

Melinda Finster is described by Nickelodeon’s fan Wiki as “Chas Finster’s first wife and Chuckie Finster’s late mum on Rugrats.”

“She was voiced by actress Kim Cattrall in the episode Mother’s Day,” the site describes. So, yes it was only one episode ― but still, wild to consider, right?

The star has also appeared on The Simpsons as Chloe Talbot, a Peabody-winning journalist and Barney Gumble’s high-school sweetheart.

And in case you think her animated history stops there, it doesn’t.

Kim also voiced a character named Tami Marguiles in the cartoon series Duckman, described by its IMdB thus: “A crass, womanising duck works as a private eye with his level-headed pig sidekick, all the while raising a family as a single dad.”

People had thoughts about the news

As you’d expect, responses to the info were pretty enthusiastic:

Personally, though, I was too shocked to type for the first couple of minutes after I read the news...