This Morning viewers shocked as Phillip Schofield defends Lady Hussey over race row

Phillip Schofield shocked viewers after he appeared to defend Lady Susan Hussey on This Morning.

The presenter was discussing the situation of racism within the royal family on the latest episode of the ITV show (7 December), when he said there is “another side to the story”.

Schofield also suggested he believes that not all of the information surrounding the controversy has come to light.

The presenter’s comments come in defence of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s former lady-in-waiting, who was forced to resign from her role as a royal aide at Buckingham Palace .

This allegedly occurred after charity boss Ngozi Fulan accused Lady Hussey of making racist marks at a reception held by the Queen Consort.

Fulani, founder and chief executive of Britain’s leading domestic abuse charity for women of African and Caribbean heritage, Sistah Spice, described the “traumatic” encounter in which Lady Susan persistently asked her what part of Africa she came from.

Talking about the incident on This Morning, Schofield said: “Not the entire picture, I feel on that story, and there’s an 85-year-old lady who might have another side to the story and is utterly, utterly broken by things she may say were not necessarily the picture to how she saw them.”

He continued: “But that story’s been told the way it’s been told, and I think it’s the way it will probably stay.”

Lady Susan, who served the late Queen for more than 60 years and is Prince William’s godmother, stepped down from her honorary role, and expressed her “profound apologies for the hurt caused” via a statement.

The subject of Lady Susan arose on This Morning as Schofield and Holly Willoughby discussed Harry and Meghan being honoured with a Ripple of Hope Award in recognition of their work on racial justice and mental health at a gala hosted by the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights (RFKHR) organisation.

Schofield’s comment surprised viewers, with one writing: “I’m absolutely shocked that Philip Schofield tried to defend Lady Hussey. It’s like nobody in connection to the Royal Family can do no wrong in his eyes, except for Meghan & Harry.”

Another viewer called Schofield out for “questioning Ngozi Fulani's account of the racism she experienced from Lady Hussey”, adding: “No Phil there's not ‘always 2 sides to every story’. There is Right & Wrong. Racism is wrong, hateful & undefendable. Using your privilege to excuse it is disgusting.”

Lady Susan Hussey stepped down from her royal family duties following race row (Getty)
Lady Susan Hussey stepped down from her royal family duties following race row (Getty)

Another noted: “Happy to slate and shame Lady Susan Hussey the other day, now Philip saying that she probably has her own side to the story and defending her honour. Such poor magazine style journalism.”

The Independent has contacted This Morning for comment.