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17 Tiny Dog Breeds That Are Perfectly Fun-Size

Hey, hi, hello, I’m here today to talk about dogs!!! Specifically, the best, cutest, fluffiest tiny dog breeds. Yep, we’re talking toy dog breeds, teacup dog breeds, and smol boys that can fit in your apartment and maybe even your purse. Chic!

Small things are inherently adorable. Please see: babies, teacup pigs, and Ariana Grande as evidence. But more important, little dogs are way less trouble than their bigger relatives. (If any of you read this to my family’s 90-pound lab, I WILL cry.) You don’t have to worry about your tiny dog stealing food from the counter because they literally can’t reach it, and you’ll be able to easily catch them if you accidentally drop their leash because they have such wittle legs. Oh, and also, you won’t have to spend tons of money on dog food because their teeny bods don’t need as much chow. They’re the financially responsible dog choice, people!! Not to mention that if you live in a small space—like, I don’t know, anything besides a house—a small pup will have no trouble adapting to and thriving in your home.

Turns out there are way more small dog breeds than I realized, so I’ve put together a list of the cutest lil guys who weigh 15 pounds or less. Try not to drool from furbaby overload!

P.S. If you’re looking for the best dog breeds for apartment life, I’ve already done the research for you because I am committed to the cause!! The cause being, obviously, you getting a dog and snuggling happily ever after with your fluffernutter.