Pink fan goes into labour during star's first Sydney show: 'We need a medic!'

Pink was left shocked by the moment.

Pink kicked off her first stadium show at Sydney's Allianz Stadium on Friday night, and there were plenty of surprises in store for both the superstar and her fans.

As Pink took to the stage, a huge downpour came in, leaving fans drenched for the two-hour show.

"Was it supposed to rain? No one looks prepared!" she questioned the crowd.

Pink performs concert
A Pink fan went into labour during the singer's first Sydney show on her Summer Carnival world tour. Photo: Getty

Later in the show, the singer stopped her performance after realising one of the women in the crowd had gone into labour.


"We need a medic! Somebody’s having a baby?" she said. "I feel like we shouldn’t be looking! Everyone give her her privacy! She didn't just have the baby, right? Is the baby here? No, okay, she's going to have it. Congratulations!"

The singer continued, "Wow, 'Our Song', that was the one that did it! Wouldn't have called that one...I thought it would've been 'Get The Party Started' or 'Never Not Gonna Dance Again'. That's exciting, I don't even know what to say, I have to sing now."

Pink then shared a message for the woman, saying, "Good luck! You're going to be great!"

Fans took to social media to react to the situation, with one fan writing, "Someone literally going into labour in the Pink mosh is so quintessentially Australian, you cannot make it up."

"So @Pink has had two people go into labour at this Summer Carnival Tour SO FAR 😭😭," another said, referencing another fan going into labour at one of the singer's Boston concerts last August.

Others described the moment as "wild", with others saying it was "well handled" by Pink.

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