Pink’s inspirational proposal

Pink has been hailed as an “inspiration” for proposing to her husband.
The ‘Walk Me Home’ singer famously pulled out a pit board while motocross star Carey Hart was racing back in 2005, with the message on it reading, "Will You Marry Me?", swiftly followed by her adding "Serious?!" when he failed to stop.
And relationship expert Jo Hemmings says that Pink - who went on to have to children with Carey - is a role model for women all over the world for taking control of her relationship, as new research from Amazon shows that only a quarter of women would consider a Leap Year Proposal on Thursday (29.02.24).
Jo said: “I think it’s nice that a quarter of women would still consider proposing on February 29th and it definitely makes their proposals different from others. Despite making huge steps with equality, it is still seen as the man’s ‘job’ to propose, even if the woman has been dropping big hints.
"But Pink is a real inspiration and is empowering women by showing they can take control of their relationship and get what they want from it. It shows how confident she is in herself and with Carey.”
The figures are part of Amazon's Chatterbox ( which provides unique insight into UK life by questioning some of their 75,000 diverse employees, with 57 percent still supporting the idea of a Leap Year Proposal, while 27 percent think it’s outdated. The research also asked whether a marriage proposal should be public or private, with a huge 80 percent preferring a more traditional, private affair, which doesn’t surprise Jo.
She said: “Although we’re used to seeing OTT proposals on social media and in romantic comedies, it doesn’t surprise me that 80 percent of those questioned want a private proposal. This is something very personal and not everyone wants to share it with the whole world. It’s a nice memory for the couple to have and they can then give away as much information about it as they like.”
As well as Pink, other female celebrities to have proposed to their partners include Kristen Bell, ‘Succession’ star Sarah Snook and Diane Von Furstenberg.