Plane crashes into Pacific Ocean near San Francisco

Plane crashes into Pacific Ocean near San Francisco

A plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean near an airport south of San Francisco on Sunday evening, authorities have said.

Crews are searching for the plane that went down in Half Moon Bay at around 7.15pm (3.15am on Monday GMT), KRON-TV reported.

Witnesses have told ABC7 News they heard the aircraft's engine sputtering before it came down.

Melissa Ritcher, who was eating at a restaurant nearby when the incident happened, said she "heard this motor engine puttering - like you hear in the movies".

She told the broadcaster: "It came around the corner. It's kind of a big plane, very visible.

"We figured something was wrong, because it was so close to the restaurant. And then, it was definitely pivoting back and forth, and then it looked like it put on the gas, went a little bit faster, then it went down and the engine cut out."Police have said they found a wreckage in the water just after 11pm local time and first responders are now searching for any survivors.

The crash occurred a few miles from the Half Moon Bay Airport on the Cabrillo Highway, according to police.

The airport is located in Moss Beach, about 22 miles south of San Francisco.

The US Coast Guard, California Highway Patrol and fire crews also responded to the crash site, KRON reported.

There was no immediate information about the number of people on board the plane, possible survivors or the type of aircraft involved in the crash.

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