Plane Passenger's Disturbing Photo Sparks Debate Over Whether It's Okay to Stretch Your Toes Into the Next Row

"How come people don’t stand up for themselves anymore or tell a flight attendant?" one person wrote after seeing the viral photo



A viral Reddit post has sparked a debate about just how far it's okay to stretch your legs on an airplane.

The subject arose after user stefahnia posted a photo on the "Mildly Infuriating" subreddit.

In the image, a socked foot belonging to the person seated behind the passenger taking the photo is visible poking out from below the photographer's seat into their foot well area and touching their sneaker.

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The post was titled, "Don't be this person," and other Reddit users couldn't help but agree and share their similar flight experiences.

"I had someone try this on a flight last month," one person wrote. "I just kept kicking their foot or moving my foot quickly and hard on their toes. Each time, they would yell and I would tell them that the area below my seat is mine, not theirs. They called the flight attendant and she told them the same thing. A friend spilled water on a man who did this with BARE FEET!!"

Another individual wrote, "The last time I flew, the lady behind me put her bare feet on my armrests. I sacrificed being comfortable to slam the armrests up and knock her feet off lol."

Others wondered why the issue wasn't brought tattention.

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"If the person behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was okay about them encroaching my space because they're large, no problem at all. Encroach away. But if they unapologetically start taking over my limited space then they can deal with wet toes when I spill the contents of my water bottle," one Reddit user wrote.

"How come people don't stand up for themselves anymore or tell a flight attendant?" another individual asked.

Some commenters also suggested that the offending passenger might not have known what they were doing.

Getty Stock image of passengers on a plane
Getty Stock image of passengers on a plane

"I've once accidentally done this and not realized. It's a typical long legs in economy problem. Most people don't do it on purpose, and gently nudging their foot will fix it," one person explained.

"The dude might not even realize his foot is sticking into their space, it's not like you can see under the seat that's 4.5" in front of you," another commented.

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Travel expert, writer, and advisor Nicole Campoy Jackson of Fora Travel told PEOPLE that one of the best ways a passenger can be respectful on a flight is by keeping their feet covered.

"I'm a firm believer in covered feet on a flight," Jackson told PEOPLE. "If that's shoes, great. If that's socks, great. But no one should have bare feet on a plane. If you've worn sandals to the airport, bring a pair of socks with you for the flight. "

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