Plane passenger's horror death mid-flight: 'Litres of blood'

Flight attendants worked to resuscitate the 63-year-old man for about 30 minutes.

Witnesses have described the disturbing moment a plane passenger died mid-flight after blood began pouring out of his mouth and nose.

The 63-year-old unnamed German man boarded Lufthansa’s Airbus A380 headed from Bangkok to Munich on Thursday night with his wife, but fellow travellers and a “worried” flight attendant immediately noticed his poor health.

“He had cold sweats, was breathing much too quickly, and was already apathetic,” passenger Karin Missfelder told German publication Blick.

Left, a blanket covering the plane passenger after he died. Right, passengers from the plane after landing back in Bangkok.
A 63-year-old plane passenger tragically died mid-flight on Thursday. Source: Karin and Martin Missfelder/Blick

The man’s wife reportedly told airline staff her husband wasn’t feeling well because they had to run to the gate. A captain then called over the loudspeaker for a doctor, who felt the 63-year-old’s pulse and deemed him OK to fly.

“They then gave him a little chamomile tea, but he already spit blood into the bag that his wife held out to him,” Karin’s husband Martin, who was also onboard, said.

Plane passengers left 'screaming' in horror

He added that the man’s condition deteriorated dramatically after take-off and blood began to gush from his mouth and nose, covering the inside of the plane.

“It was absolute horror, everyone was screaming,” Martin told Blick. Flight attendants tried to resuscitate the man for at least 30 minutes but he was pronounced dead. His body was moved to the galley as the flight headed back to Bangkok.

Martin said the airport in Thailand was “chaos” and claimed the airline offered them an “unacceptable” A$18 voucher.

Lufthansa confirmed the man’s death to Blick but declined to comment further.

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