‘We’re postpartum nurses’ TikTok trend reminds us why they’re truly angels on earth

Postpartum nurses on Tiktok

Anyone who’s ever given birth already knows that postpartum nurses are angels who walk among us. But two of them took part in a viral TikTok trend to remind us of just how much they do—and how much we literally could not do without them—and it’s hitting moms right in the feels.

The video was posted by Anna the Nurse, and it features several postpartum nurses on shift, taking part in a viral TikTok challenge where they share some of the things that they find obvious about their jobs, but other people might not.

“We’re postpartum nurses. We will gladly kick a toxic family member out for you,” one says.

Another adds, “We’re postpartum nurses. Of course I’m basically going to be skin-to-skin with you helping your baby latch.”

Yet another says, “We’re postpartum nurses. Some people call us… lochia patrol.”

Yeah, if you know, you know.

The hits just keep coming in this hilarious but true video.

“We’re postpartum nurses. I’m going to be busy changing your baby’s diaper… and your diaper.”

“We’re postpartum nurses. We’re baby whisperers.”

“We’re postpartum nurses. I’d be happy to adjust our official visiting hours to whatever you’d like them to be.”

“We’re postpartum nurses. We give you massages… but not the ones you’ll like.”

“We’re postpartum nurses. Of course I’d be happy to snuggle your baby while you take a nap.”

“We’re postpartum nurses. A baby’s cry is like white noise to us.”

“We’re postpartum nurses. Of course I’ll give you a step-by-step on how to swaddle your baby.”

“We’re postpartum nurses. My favorite color is pink, but not when it’s used in a code.”

“We’re postpartum nurses. One of the most satisfying things for us to see is when your baby has a good latch.”

In the comments, moms shared their appreciation for the nurses that helped them through postpartum, and it’s clear that these angels make one heck of an impact.

“The nurse that asked my mom to leave the room will forever live in my head. My mom was mad but I was so happy someone stood up to her for me,” one mom wrote.

Another commented, “I cry every time I think about one of my pp nurses helping me use the bathroom. I was so grateful and vulnerable.”

And this one, which is very relatable: “My nurses were INCREDIBLE. I have never felt so safe AND heard.”

So if you haven’t lately, thank and/or hug a postpartum nurse. They’re really out here doing the lord’s work.