Pregnant Ashley Iaconetti Admits She's a 'Little Nervous' About Baby No. 2: 'Curious and Anxious' (Exclusive)

Iaconetti and husband Jared Haibon are already parents to son Dawson, 2

<p>Ashley Iaconetti/Instagram</p> Ashley Iaconetti and son Dawson

Ashley Iaconetti/Instagram

Ashley Iaconetti and son Dawson

Ashley Iaconetti is making sure she's more prepared for the fourth trimester this time around — but that doesn't mean she isn't nervous.

The pregnant Bachelor alum, 36, recently spoke with PEOPLE about her partnership with Nioxin Ultimate Power Serum, which Iaconetti has been relying on during her second pregnancy to help combat postpartum hair loss.

"I've just been in a constant cycle of losing my hair and gaining it back for the past three and a half years now," the expectant mom tells PEOPLE, noting that she was also previously on spironolactone. "After getting off that stuff, four months afterward, just clomping, it was crazy."

"This hormonal withdrawal shed and then it starts growing back and then of course, then I have Dawson, but the same cycle repeated itself this time," Iaconetti says of her second pregnancy.

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<p> Ashley Iaconetti</p> Iaconetti before Nioxin Ultimate Power Serum (left) and after (right)

Ashley Iaconetti

Iaconetti before Nioxin Ultimate Power Serum (left) and after (right)

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Iaconetti explains that her baby hairs and receding hairline have been frustrating, leading her to consider Nioxin, which uses sandalore, in combination with caffeine, lauric acid and niacinamide to stimulate hair follicles to prolong the growth cycle and improve hair anchorage.

"I was so insecure about putting my hair up in a ponytail," Iaconetti says. "I'm getting ahead of it this time with this really cool product from Nioxin. I want to do my best to lose as little as possible this time and I just started using it."

As she's been experiencing the side effects of pregnancy, Iaconetti has luckily been able to rely on her husband, Jared Haibon, 35, whom she met through the Bachelor world.

"He's very encouraging, even though I'm always like, 'I just miss my body and I just miss having it to myself and looking pretty,'" Iaconetti admits. "I look back on pictures from six months ago and I was like, 'I'm never going to take my looks for granted again.'"

"But he's always like, 'You're beautiful, you look great and it's all going to feel better soon,' " she continues. "He's hitting the gym six times a week and waking up early and lost 15 pounds in the past two months and I'm like, could you have waited a few months to look really hot?"

As the couple gets ready to welcome their new addition, Iaconetti says that the reality of having two kids is starting to kick in.

"I think we're obviously a little nervous about how to juggle two," she says. "We are more nervous this time than last time just because you realize how much of a significant lifestyle change it is to have a child."

"And then you're like, Okay, well we just got all this down pat and now how do you throw in a whole other kid? It's just like, how do you go out with a kid? How do you keep your eye on them both in the house at the same time?"

"But I think we're just curious and anxious to see how it is to keep two people alive," Iaconetti shares. "But then I'm a lot less nervous about birth because I was petrified of it the first time around, and now I'm like, oh no."

With the end of her pregnancy on the horizon, Iaconetti says she's most excited for her son Dawson to become a big brother.

"I think that he's going to be extremely affectionate," she says. "Wanting to be very helpful and I think that'll just melt my heart."

"And I'm excited to feel like our family will definitely be complete at that point and to be like, all right, this is us, and full concentration on the kids and not having to think about baby planning in the future," Iaconetti shares, noting that she and Haibon are "definitely" done having kids.

"We both come from families with two siblings and that's just what's in our hearts," she says.

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