The Prettiest Wedding Nail Designs to Wear on the Big Day

From classic French tips to bejeweled details, this guide has you covered.

<p>Nailing Hollwood/ InStyle</p>

Nailing Hollwood/ InStyle

On the beauty checklist for your wedding day, nails tend to be the last priority — because, really, how much can a nail look really matter amid all the other to-dos? But as nail enthusiasts, we're here to make the case that the right wedding nail design can make all the difference in your overall look, making it something to keep in mind when considering your beauty agenda for the big day.

That's partly because nail art is the easiest way to elevate any beauty look, especially for a wedding. While you can go classic in your designs, opting for a timeless French manicure with a bridal white tip, other options are more outside-the-box — such as full-on, bedazzled jewels or bold colors that will pop in photos.

To help narrow it down for you, we turned to the experts to share the best wedding nail designs to consider.

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Classic White Tips



If you're ever in doubt on what wedding nail design to wear on your big day, says celebrity manicurist and educator Mimi Dyou can never go wrong with a French manicure. Chic and timeless, it's a time-tested bridal nail that goes with anything. If you want to spice it up, add intricate designs, such as these carved flowers, to really elevate it.

French Smile



A unique spin on the classic French mani, the "smiley" french features rounded white tips that look like — you guessed it — a smile. "It's a fun and creative way to add some flair to your wedding," says celebrity nail artist and founder of JinSoon Nails Jin Soon Choi. "This fashion-y French is stylish, fun to do, and quite elegant."

Fancy Jewels



Go big or go home: This piece of art created by celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik is for the maximalist bride who wants — and deserves — to shine all day.

Vanilla Chrome

<p>Nailing Hollwood</p>

Nailing Hollwood

Want something current? A major 2023 nail trend, the vanilla chrome manicure, is a favorite of Mimi D's. If you're DIYing it, try the Salon Perfect Glazing Powder Pen to get that metallic finish.

Neutral Territory



Who says neutral nails are boring? A creamy bare base makes for a chic, easy option that will complete any bridal look. Mimi recommends going full coverage with your neutral shade, matching it to your skin tone or opting for a universal milky pink.

Romantic Blush

<p>Nailing Hollwood</p>

Nailing Hollwood

Another 2023 newcomer, this trend makes for the perfect pop of color on your wedding day. "It provides a lively appearance — just like blush on your face," says Choi. To get a similar flush, dab JinSoon in Winky over a sheer pink base.

Metallic Shine



Not only do metallic nails work for any occasion, but they can make for a striking wedding nail — especially if you're the bride. Choi likes a gold or silver nail for a cool, sleek, and, most notably, non-white option for your manicure.

White Waves



Keep the party going on your nails: Choi likes white swirl designs for a flowy look that's both playful and mesmerizing to look at.

Iced Ombré



Another variation of the French mani that makes a perfect bridal nail? The French ombré. "It looks more like a snow field," says Choi. "The bottom part of the nail is almost like a traditional French manicure, but it fades as you go down the nail." Turn to this if you're looking for a blending effect on your nails.

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