Primetime Props: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns

Yahoo Betting Analyst Ariel Epstein joins Fantasy Football Live to offer a player proposition as the Browns host the Bengals in week 8.

Video transcript

ANDY SERWER: Let's pivot to the Monday night game. It's Cleveland, it's Cincinnati, it's a fun rivalry. Looks a little bit lopsided to me. Talk to me about Jacoby Brissett this week.


ARIEL EPSTEIN: Not a great matchup for Jacoby Brissett, who's going to be up against this Bengals defense that's top 10 in the league against the pass. Brissett has gone under 214 and 1/2 passing yards in all three of the games last year where he faced a defense that was inside that top 10 against the pass.

Even this season, look at quarterbacks against Cincinnati. You get Mitch Trubisky, who had 194. Cooper Rush had a 235 game and Joe Flacco 285. But otherwise, after that, you've had three straight weeks of quarterbacks with names like Lamar Jackson and Marcus Mariota, Andy Dalton, Teddy Bridgewater, they all had games under 200 passing yards against this defense.

Up against a good pass defense like Cincinnati, go give the ball to your better players like a Nick Chubb and run the football more. I can see them taking the ball out of Jacoby Brissett's hands, considering, receiver-wise, he doesn't really have many options.


ANDY SERWER: All right, that's three props, three unders. It is a touching tribute to Minty Bets so far. Do you have-- do you have an over for us?

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I do have an over for the Cincinnati running back Joe Mixon and his rushing yards. Great matchup for him, the Browns allow the sixth most rushing yards per game to running backs. A lot of different running backs--

This number is pretty low, 65 and 1/2. Just looking at the last few weeks, our own Austin Ekeler, 173-rushing yard game against this defense. Rhamondre Stevenson and Gus Edwards also had-- went over this number. And Joe Mixon, he hasn't even faced a bottom 10-- or excuse me-- yeah, a bottom 10 run defense yet this year.

Every defense that Mixon has faced has been in the top 15, top 20 in run defense. This is the worst run defense he's seen. Time for Joe Mixon to go over this number on his rushing yards prop of-- I'm seeing 65 and 1/2.