Prince Harry told by Australian radio host to ‘get over’ trauma of mum’s death and tours of duty in Afghanistan

Prince Harry has been told to “get over it” by an Australian radio host after opening up about his trauma over his Afghanistan tours of duty.
The Duke of Sussex, 38, says in his latest Netflix show ‘Heart of Invictus’ he was left curled in the “foetal position” and “bouncing off walls” after he left the war-torn country during his 10 years as a soldier.
But broadcaster Kyle Sandilands has slammed the prince by ranting: “I’m sick and tired of hearing about this little b***** prince whining... he wants everyone to feel sorry for him all the time.
“We all struggle, (but) surely he’s struggled less than the rest of us.”
The host, who was homeless as a teen, hit out while discussing Harry’s latest series on ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show’ on Thursday. (30.08.23)
Referring to the death of the prince’s mum Princess Diana age 36 in a Paris car crash in 1997, he added: “A lot of people have lost a parent and have not had the means to try and get some help. They just can’t afford it.”
He also questioned the truth of Harry’s claim in his memoir ‘Spare’ he killed 25 Taliban while fighting in Afghanistan – adding he was convinced the royal was protected from harm during his army service “because he was the prince”.
Harry served in combat for over 10 weeks in Helmand Province, Afghanistan between 2007 and 2008, before returning to the country for a 20-week tour from 2012 to 2013 with the Army Air Corps, during which he was a helicopter pilot.
But Kyle blasted: “You fought in a helicopter for a couple of weeks and you had to come back.
“You haven’t got PTSD – nothing – you saw no action. Where’s the action?
“When I was not much older than him, I was homeless on the street, not living in a palace. I had no support either, but I’ve just dusted myself off and powered through and look at me. I have no issues.”
Referring to Harry’s wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, 42, with whom he has son Archie, four, and daughter Lilibet, two, Kyle went on: “These people are making money off your, off your sadness for them. I don’t even believe they’re that sad. They cause most of their own problems.
“She hates her family, he now hates his family since they’ve been together. And all they do is b**** about everybody.”
‘Heart of Invictus’ explores the life of injured and ill military veterans who take part in the Paralympic-style Invictus Games, which Harry founded.
He says on the show about the death of his mum: “I had that moment in my life where I didn’t know about it but because of the trauma of losing my mum when “I was 12 – for all those years, I had no emotion, I was unable to cry, I was unable to feel. I didn’t know it at the time.”