Princess Diana’s brother lost virginity to prostitute when he was 12!

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer lost his virginity to a prostitute on a family vacation when he was 12 years old.
The 9th Earl Spencer, now 59, makes the revelation in his new memoir ‘A Very Private School’, saying he was on a trip to Italy with his mum and stepdad when he saw a “short-skirted sex worker standing on a corner” and used his pocket money to pay the woman £15 for his first time having sex.
He admitted the experience left him feeling “hollow and cold,” and he was not intimate with another woman until he was 17, according to extracts from his book revealed by The Sun.
Also in his autobiography, Charles claimed to have been sexually abused by a female nurse assistant at his boarding school when he was 11 years old.
He said: “This woman’s control over mesmerised boys was total, for we were starved of feminine warmth and desperate for her affection.”
Charles also referred to her as a “master of emotional manipulation” and claimed she would touch and French-kiss him.
He added: “The effect of what she did to me was profound and immediate, awaking in me basic desires that had no place in one so young.”
The aristocrat also said his preteen years were characterised by “casual cruelty, sexual assault and other perversions”.
After attending boarding school for most of his young life, Spencer headed to Eton College and later attended Magdalen College in Oxford to study history.
He then worked as a journalist and broadcaster for NBC News and Britain’s ITV Granada.
Charles became an earl and inherited his family’s estate, Althorp, in 1992 after his dad died, and gave his famous eulogy for Princess Diana at her funeral after she died aged 36 in a 1997 Paris car smash.
The three-times married dad-of-seven’s memoir is due out 12 March.