Priyanka Chopra: Nick is my biggest champion!

Priyanka Chopra says her husband Nick Jonas is her "biggest champion."
The 40-year-old actress has been married to former Disney Channel star Nick, 30, since 2018 and has 14-month-old daughter Malti Marie with him and explained how they are both each other's biggest support in life.
Speaking at the South Asian Excellence at the Oscars event in Los Angeles on Thursday (09.10.23), she said: "My husband is my greatest champion and he's half Indian, as you will see when the music starts, but he's just such a supporter of me. He finished his shoot, came directly all jazzed up, and ready to be here by my side. And, you know, he champions me and reminds me when I forget."
The 'Quantico' star went on to add that having the combined support of her family and Nick's is the "only way" she could pursue a career in showbusiness she she noted that she had "never" seen a room full of so many people who looked like her as she spoke at the Hollywood event.
She added: "Having [Nick's] support and my family — my in-laws are back home with the baby — just being able to have my family show up is the only way I could do what I do. My family is my greatest, greatest strength.
"I have not, in my 12 years of working in Hollywood, ever seen a room full of so many brown people who are excellent in their fields in entertainment. Never. And when we did it last year, the first time, it was smaller, it was quaint, it was kind of put together because it was an idea. And then to see so many people acknowledge it as a real thing, so many of the nominees, knowing that this is their carpet, you guys are here to speak to them, this is their moment. This is us cheering them on really loudly before Sunday, so that they feel super confident going in and knowing that they have a community behind them.
"That was the aim, and I didn't have that when I started working. But I have it today. And it feels great."