Pro-Palestinian protesters set up encampment inside Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC

NEW YORK — Pro-Palestinian protesters set up a small encampment inside the Fashion Institute of Technology in Chelsea, Manhattan, on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, demonstrators stormed into The Museum at FIT on W. 27th St. and Seventh Ave., Fox News reported.

Video shows scores of people pushing through the doors, where a security guard worked to pull them closed but was overtaken.

“Free, free, free Palestine,” protesters shouted as they took over the lobby of the on-campus museum.

By early Thursday evening, about 60 protesters remained in the lobby, where tents and a sign stating “FIT Gaza Solidarity Encampment” were set up.

About 20 more protesters outside passed blankets, cardboard and markers to protestors inside, but security guarding the entrance barred anyone else from entering.

The museum was closed as students camped out, according to its website.

The NYPD had not responded to the college as of Thursday evening.