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'Probably the best burger I ever made': Grab a Ninja indoor grill for just $100 — plus other deals of the day

zero gravity chair, indoor Ninja grill, Apple
Spring deals are cooking today at your favorite retailers! (Amazon)

Wake up and smell the savings! It's a new day with new ways to save — if you know where to look. We've done the legwork and found the best deals worth shopping now. Today, you can grab a Ninja indoor smokeless grill for just $100, two portable zero-gravity chairs for $45 each and wireless Tozo earbuds for a wild $21 — the lowest price we've seen. And be sure to grab a set of Apple AirTags before your next family adventure with this four-for-$80 deal! Keep scrolling and get your spring shopping on.

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Grill up some burgers rain or shine with this $100 smokeless Ninja (down from $150). Switch out the nonstick plates and it doubles as a griddle for cooking up pancakes, crepes and other delights. The family-size 14-inch cooktop means it's large enough to feed the whole crew, but still small enough to tuck away. We haven't seen the price of this Ninja drop lower since Black Friday.

One fan, who shared perfect-burger tips, explained: "What sets the Ninja Sizzle apart from other indoor nonstick grills is the ability to get to 500°F. Higher temps make a huge difference in taste, color and texture. ... This thing is great — griddle or grill. Easy to clean, way less smoke, simple one-dial cooking." When the reviewer properly preheated the grill and cooked the patty without pressing out the juices, they were taken aback: "Wow, probably the best burger I ever made."

$100 at Amazon

Archie Bunker never thought he'd see the day: Portable recliners, with cupholders and device pockets! Edith gets one too with this two-for-$90 deal (down from $130). The ergonomic, zero-gravity design puts the body in optimal relaxation position — head cushioned, shoulders back, feet up. The chairs fold up for easy transport.

Nearly 42,000 Amazon shoppers give the duo a perfect five stars. One happy camper wrote: "The steel mesh material of the chairs was also a major plus — it kept us cool on a hot summer day and was surprisingly comfortable to sit on. But the real magic of these chairs was in their zero-gravity reclining feature. With a simple push back, we were able to lie completely flat and feel weightless. It was like floating on a cloud!"

A personal note: These chairs are designed for outdoor use, but I kept one indoors while recovering from major surgery, and it was the only place I could find comfort — I slept in it for a full two weeks.

$90 at Amazon

Snap up these wildly popular earbuds with 181,000-plus five-star fans for just $21 — that's the lowest price on record and over 50% off. These little buds are waterproof, feature smart touch controls and boast up to 45 hours of playtime with the wireless charging case. The digital readout keeps you posted on how much juice they've got.

This fan loves them for workouts: "Unparalleled when it comes to blending affordability with exceptional performance. ... They deliver powerful bass and crystal-clear highs, keeping your energy levels up throughout your exercise routine. Designed for comfort and a secure fit, they stay in place no matter the intensity of your workout. ... The comfort they offer for hours on end, combined with superior sound quality and bass, enhances the listening experience significantly. Although they don’t provide complete noise cancellation, they fit snugly enough to effectively mute most external noise."

$21 at Amazon

If you lose your purse or keys on the regular, Apple AirTags may be the solution you need. Just a bit larger than a quarter, these trackers tuck easily into your belongings (wallets, luggage, you can even buy cases to attach one to your bike or keychain). When belongings go missing, simply use your phone, computer or other device to track them down. 

They've got 100,000-plus five-star ratings to back 'em up. "Put these in your luggage when traveling," wrote one user. "I felt better checking my bags when flying, knowing I had a way to track my luggage to make sure it was with me and going to where I was. It was very accurate. When in Paris, it could tell me where my bag was at in a specific baggage claim. It's also really easy to set up."

$80 at Amazon

It's easy to see why these flattering cotton Hanes shorts are a No. 1 bestseller in two categories — what's hard to believe is that they're down to just $8! The 7-inch inseam covers up jiggles, helping you feel confident and comfortable. Plus, they've got pockets.

These popular shorts have nearly 40,000 five-star fans of all shapes and sizes. "Perfect for workouts," wrote one happy shopper. "Not too short, which I like, and they don't ride up on my thick thighs."

Another shared: "I love how comfortable these shorts are. I'm on the taller side and the length is perfect since I prefer my shorts not to creep up too high. I ended up purchasing three pairs, and they've been my go-to shorts all summer! The pockets are roomy, which I think is a big plus since women's shorts and pants often have tiny pockets."

Save $8 with coupon
$8 at Amazon

Suck the gunk out of the air before you breathe it with this majorly marked-down, large-capacity purifier — now at the lowest price on record. The 1,076-square-foot capacity machine features double inlets (front and rear) to catch pollen, dust, dander, odors and more. There are four speeds and three timer settings.

One "very happy" five-star fan wrote: "My family and I live in Louisville, Kentucky, a city ranked as one of the worst to live in for allergy sufferers. We have ours set to automatically monitor the air and change fan speed when needed. ... Most of the time we can't hear it running, but if we burn something on the stove, open windows or do anything that puts contaminants in the air, the fan will speed up and clean the air quickly. ... Over the years we've tried several purifiers ... but this has made the biggest improvement."

Save $100 with coupon
$60 at Amazon

If you've been pining for a serious, do-it-all Windows laptop that won't break the bank, check out this HP for just $279 (was $519). Use it for video calls, gaming, streaming movies, working from home or even working from the beach (we see you, anti-glare screen). This model features 8 GB memory and 256 GB of storage.

One happy user shared: "It feels high-end and ... durable. I'm a student, so the 14-inch size is perfect for both functionality and portability. The 13th-generation i3 processor is more than enough for what I'm using the laptop for."

$279 at Walmart

Whether you're camping, throwing a block party or gearing up in case of a power outage, this portable powerhouse is ready to roll — and it's on sale for just $100 (down from $400). At under 7 inches tall and just over 3 pounds, this 200-watt unit is compact, providing two AC outlets, one USB-C port, two USB-A ports, three DC ports, a lithium-ion battery pack and two lights.

"This is a workhorse," wrote one five-star fan. "Fully charged, then plugged in two phones, a small fan and a lamp. Battery still had juice at two days and then some. Will be testing out the 12-volt adapter for my car next. If it's anything like results with a fully charged battery, it'll be 10 stars. Definitely recommend, especially in Hurricane Alley."

$100 at Walmart

Ever wish your eggs could give you a heads-up when they're finished boiling? Well, this one can! Put the BPA-free cutie into the pot with your eggs and the red will turn to white, indicating that your eggs are ready. Pretty cool, right? Well, 6,300-plus five-star fans think so.

"Put it in the water with the eggs... What could be simpler?" wrote a five-star fan. "My wife likes hard-boiled, for making tuna fish salad. I like soft-boiled, to eat in a bowl with ketchup. Not so dried up. We tried achieving a particular yolk state by timing. But how do you define the start time ... tiny bubbles forming, or big ol' bubbles popping ... how big? Time alone is not enough info. This humpty-dumpty thermometer creates a good analog representation of heat, not temperature."

$7 at Amazon

This $9 wallet is a total steal, and it's down to its lowest price ever at Amazon. The No. 1 bestseller features RFID protection, 16 card slots, a window ID pocket and two zippered compartments for bills. At this crazy-low price, it would be a crime not to get one. 

"Perfect slim wallet," raved one of the 53,600-plus five-star fans. "This wallet's ingenious design offers an impressive array of card slots, making organizing my cards a breeze. The RFID-blocking technology provides an added layer of security for my sensitive information. Despite its spaciousness, the wallet maintains a sleek and slim profile, easily fitting into my purse without adding bulk. It's the perfect blend of functionality and style for any on-the-go woman."

$9 at Amazon

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