The Queen's heartwarming gift for Prince Philip on their 70th anniversary

Sarah Carty

They may have been married for the past 70 years, but it appears Queen Elizabeth still knows how to buy Prince Philip the perfect present.

The Queen and Prince Philip are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this week, with a big family party at Windsor Castle.

And just before everyone arrived, the Queen handed her husband an epic gift – a knighthood.

The Queen gave Prince Philip a knighthood for their wedding anniversary. Photo: Getty Images
The couple were married in 1947 at Westminster Abbey. Photo: Getty Images

According to People, 96-year-old Prince Philip was handed a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, which is only given to people who have loyally served the Queen.

Prince Philip certainly deserves the accolade, having walked right behind the Monarch for the past 70 years, since they were married in 1947.

The couple’s love story hasn’t been without its drama, with the pair coming up against obstacles even before they married.

Elizabeth was just 13-years-old when she was introduced to an 18-year-old Prince Philip in 1939.

The couple met when Queen Elizabeth was just 13-years-old and Prince Philip was 18. Photo: Getty Images
Queen Elizabeth had to convince her father that Greek-born Prince Philip was worthy. Photo: Getty Images

They went on to fall madly in love and exchanged countless letters when Philip went off to serve in World War II.

Philip eventually got down on one knee and proposed in 1946 when the pair were holidaying in Balmoral.

For those who are fans of the Netflix series The Crown, you’ll know that the Queen had to fight hard to convince her father, George VI, that Greek-born Prince Philip was worthy.

The King wanted the pair to wait until the then 20-year-old Elizabeth was older to announce her engagement.

However, it was formally announced in July 1947 and they were subsequently married at Westminster Abbey in November 1947.

Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton pictured on their way to celebrate the Queen and Prince Philip's 70th wedding anniversary at Windsor Castle. Photo: Getty Images

Fast-forward 70 years later and the royal family have all come together to celebrate the wonderful marriage of the beloved duo.

The couple’s grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry, were pictured arriving at Windsor Castle.

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