Queen Consort Camilla's grandson breaks arm, will have sling during coronation duties

Queen Consort Camilla's grandson has broken his arm.
Gus Lopes, the 13-year-old son of Camilla's daughter Laura and her husband Harry Lopes, will only be able to use one hand to carry out his duties as one of his grandmother's Pages of Honour at the coronation on Saturday (06.05.23) because his right arm is in a sling following a mishap on holiday.
A family friend told the Daily Mail newspaper's Eden Confidential column: "Gus broke his arm in a bike accident while on holiday. The cast has been removed, but he must have it in a sling on the big day."
Gus, his twin brother Louis, their 13-year-old cousin Freddy Parker Bowles, and Camilla's 11-year-old great-nephew Arthur Elliot will be responsible for holding Camilla's coronation robes aloft as she moves down the aisle at Westminster Abbey - and it won't be easy because the garments are likely to weigh up to 15lbs.
Meanwhile, Prince George will be one of King Charles' Pages of Honour, alongside Lord Oliver Chomondeley, 13, Nicholas Barclay, also 13, and 12-year-old Ralph Tollemache who are all sons of the king's friends.
A spokesperson for Prince William and wife Catherine recently told People magazine: "His parents are very excited and delighted that he is a page.
"It's something that his parents have thought long and hard about and are very much looking forward to — and I'm sure George is, too."
All eight boys will wear matching scarlet uniforms and will be part of the procession going through the Nave of Westminster Abbey.
The traditional outfit for a Page of Honour includes a red coat with gold trimmings over a white satin waistcoat and a lace jabot - a decorative frill - with white breeches, white stockings and black buckled shoes, and they also carry a small ceremonial sword.
George is expected to join his siblings, Princess Charlotte, seven, and four-year-old Prince Louis, in the congregation for the coronation service after fulfilling his duties. While the younger two Wales children don't have formal roles in the ceremony, all three are expected to take part in the procession from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace.
According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, it is thought Camilla's granddaughters, Lola Parker Bowles and Eliza Lopes, both 15, may also play a role in the coronation but nothing has yet been announced.
Instead of Pages of Honour, Queen Elizabeth instead opted for six Maids of Honour to carry her train during her coronation in 1953, all of whom were unmarried daughters of Dukes, Earls and Marquesses.