Queen Mary and King Frederik accused of Photoshopping first official royal portrait

Do you think the Danish royals edited their photo?

Eagle-eyed royal fans have accused Queen Mary and King Frederik of Denmark of Photoshopping their first official royal portrait. It comes weeks after Kate Middleton admitted to editing her Mother's Day portrait.

Mary and Frederik's portrait was released on Friday. It shows the pair standing side-by-side, with the Queen wearing a green velvet lace gown and the crown's 'most complete' heirloom jewellery.

Queen Mary and King Frederik
Queen Mary and King Frederik have been accused of Photoshopping a royal portrait with some believing two photos were put together. Photo: Instagram/detdanskekongehus

While many loved the photo, some believed it to have been edited and that the pair "obviously" took their single portraits and had them Photoshopped together.

"Beautiful photo, but another digitally enhanced royal photo?" one user said.


"Was this Photoshopped? I mean it looks like they were photographed separately then put together? Mary looks exquisite and Frederik, well the king looks like he just rolled out of bed," another added.

"Terrible translation. So stiff and awkward. AI," a third said, while others pointed out that they believed Mary's and Frederik's hands looked odd.

"It looks like Queen Mary has been put into the photo of Fred. The hand position is identical," one said, referencing Frederik's solo portrait.

However, the palace confirmed the photo is real and hasn't been edited, saying, "The Royal House's official gala portrait has not been manipulated."

Royal fans claimed that it would make sense if the photo had been edited given the cheating allegations after Frederik was photographed with friend and socialite Genoveva Casanova in Spain last year, with the pair spending some time in her home.'


"She has so much tension! and are they even together in the room, looks like a montage," one user said.

"That’s one chilly-looking Mary," another said. "I don’t think she’s all that wild about having to stand that close to Freddy!"

"Be good to your wife," a third warned Frederik. "She gave up her country and family for you. Gave you four wonderful children and loves and respects your country, beautiful Denmark."

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