Rachel Bilson says she lost work after speaking openly about sex

rachel bilson “baffled” after losing acting role over sex talk
Rachel Bilson says she lost work after sex talkJamie McCarthy / Staff

We’ve loved the candid and open conversations about sex happening over on Rachel Bilson’s Broad Ideas podcast - but we’re as equally floored as the former O.C. actor is at her claims that she lost out on work because of her honest commentary.

On the latest episode of her podcast – where she sat down with fellow actress and Fast & Furious star Jordana Brewster – Rachel filled in listeners on what had happened to her that week.

"It's been an interesting week guys," she revealed. "This is the first time it's ever happened to me in my professional life that I lost a job this week because of things that were said."

"A job got taken away from me because I was speaking candidly and openly about sex in a humorous way on our friend's podcast. I basically got a job, that I already had, pulled from me because I was speaking openly about sex."

The sex talk in question happened during Rachel’s appearance on another podcast, Women On Top, where she discussed her favourite and least favourite sexual positions and she jokingly suggested that she likes to be “manhandled” during sex.

Rachel explained on her own podcast that the comment was meant to be lighthearted. "First of all, I said it in a joking manner in the interview, like, 'Yeah, I wanna get f--king get manhandled.' Basically, it's like, okay give control or take control in the bedroom, whatever."

The single mother – who shares an 8-year-old daughter named Briar, with her ex of a decade Hayden Christensen – commented on how “floored” she had been since finding out that she had been let go from the upcoming project.

"Everything was set in motion and I lost the job. It sucks."

"I haven't said anything inappropriate," Rachel continued. "Choice of language, if I could go back, now knowing I lost a job, maybe I would say it differently. But I still wouldn't not say it."

While she didn’t disclose what the job was, a spokesperson for the actor told The Hollywood Reporter that it was an endorsement deal.

"I didn’t even have a chance to defend myself," she added. "I feel like it’s discrimination. I was floored. I cried."

You can listen to the full podcast episode now.

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