Who Is Rainn Wilson's Wife? All About Holiday Reinhorn

Rainn Wilson and his wife, Holiday Reinhorn, met in an acting class in the 1980s



Rainn Wilson may be best known for portraying cynical fan-favorite Dwight Schrute on The Office, but in real life, he’s a married man of nearly 30 years to his wife, Holiday Reinhorn.

In his 2016 memoir, The Bassoon King, Wilson described meeting Reinhorn. “I don’t believe in love at first sight — it simply doesn’t make sense — but that’s what happened to me,” he wrote, adding, “I’ve been deeply in love with her ever since. For the record: Holiday is just awesome. Dark sense of humor and dangerously smart.”

The couple met at the University of Washington in the mid-'80s when they took the same acting class. However, they parted ways soon after — though Wilson spent years still thinking of her.

After looking her up in the Whitepages a few years later, the two started dating and eventually got married in 1995. In 2004, they welcomed their son, Walter.

Describing himself and his wife as "artsy bohemians" in an Instagram tribute to Reinhorn, Wilson reminisced on the early days of his marriage when the two lived "barely above the poverty line" in New York City.

"We walked our pitbull, read books, saw experimental plays, listened to Wilco and stayed up until 2 every night," Wilson wrote in the caption. "And, obviously, we had matching red scarves. This was back when one could be poor and live in New York. It was a glorious time — growing up with a glorious, fierce woman!"

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In March 2024, Wilson penned yet another sweet post about Reinhorn on Instagram, this time in honor of her birthday.

"My beloved — there is no greater soul on this earth and I’m so grateful that you exist and radiate such goodness and poetry. I love you," he wrote.

So, who is Rainn Wilson’s wife? Here’s everything to know about Holiday Reinhorn and her relationship with the actor.

She’s a writer

<p>Kevin Winter/Getty </p>

Kevin Winter/Getty

Reinhorn is a fiction writer and has been featured in several literary magazines, including Ploughshares, Tin House and Zoetrope. Her short story collection, Big Cats, was published in 2005. She is also a producer and has taught college creative writing and literature courses.

Wilson has spoken about his wife's talent for writing, sharing that the two help each other in their lines of work.

"I edit all her stories. She helps me on all of my auditions. We have a very collaborative relationship,” Wilson told The Seattle Times in 2006. “I’m a good actor and OK writer, and she’s an OK actor and good writer.”

She and Wilson met in acting class

<p>Charbonneau/WireImage </p>


Wilson, a Seattle native, first met Reinhorn while attending the University of Washington. The pair met in an acting class together and became friends.

In The Bassoon King, Wilson wrote, “She was a mesmerizing girl with a bizarre sense of humor and a crazy genius brain, and I was secretly smitten.” However, the two didn’t start dating until several years later.

She and Wilson got married in 1995

<p>Rainn Wilson Instagram</p>

Rainn Wilson Instagram

After dating for four years, Wilson and Reinhorn got married on June 30, 1995. The pair said “I do” 50 miles away from Mount Saint Helens along Washington's Kalama River.

“It was a bizarre and profound expression of our love,” Wilson wrote of their unique wedding ceremony in his memoir. “And a hell of a lot of fun.”

In June 2023, the couple celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary.

"28 years ago, on the banks of the Kalama River in Washington State, I married the love of my life, @holidayreinhorn," Wilson wrote on Instagram. "We’ve had an exhilarating, magical (and sometimes challenging!) journey but I’m in awe at your strength, beauty, brilliance and wisdom. I’m grateful and humbled to be your partner on this crazy path. Thank you for the poetry."

In a separate Instagram post, Reinhorn said: "28 candles on the wedding anniversary cake and still enough lung capacity to blow them out! I love you @rainnwilson —you’re the light in my lantern and also 🧨 dynamite!!"

She’s an animal lover

<p>Holiday Reinhorn Instagram</p>

Holiday Reinhorn Instagram

For their wedding, the couple’s pit bull acted as the ring bearer, which was meaningful to them as both are devout animal lovers.

Wilson and Reinhorn currently have several pets including a peahen, a donkey, horses, pigs and dogs. In 2017, the pair decided to try going vegan, though Wilson noted it was for "health and planetary benefits," rather than solely a moral objection to eating animals.

During an appearance on Conan, Wilson further explained his decision to become vegan. “My wife loves to rescue animals, and she rescued these two pot-bellied pigs that live in our backyard,” he said, adding that he felt guilty eating bacon after that.

Reinhorn is passionate about her rescue animals, even welcoming the pigs, Amy and Snortington, into her home with a pig-friendly bed.

She and Wilson live in California and Oregon



Wilson and Reinhorn moved into a Spanish-style home in Southern California in 2020. Opening up about the space to Architectural Digest, Reinhorn said, “We were looking to get a little farther away from Los Angeles, somewhere close to the ocean but still in striking distance of the city.”

The Office actor elaborated on his home, sharing that it was inspired by his and Reinhorn's travels to Haiti and Morocco. The five-and-a-half-acre property includes citrus groves, macadamia trees and views of the Pacific Ocean. The interior is filled with books as both Wilson and Reinhorn are avid readers.

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The couple also spend a lot of time in Oregon, which is where Reinhorn grew up. Speaking to the Associated Press in 2007, per Today, Wilson shared, “We bought a little cabin in Oregon, so we’ll go up there when we get off [for a few] weeks.”

She and Wilson bonded over art

<p>Michael Tran/FilmMagic</p>

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

During their interview with Architectural Digest, Wilson spoke about his and his wife's mutual interests. "Art is really one of the things we bonded over. Even when we were dirt broke living in New York City, I remember Holly saving her pennies to buy a Howard Finster," he told the outlet, adding that they are usually drawn to works with an "absurdist" flair.

Their Southern California home showcases their artistic nature. “I would describe the look as global bohemian,” Wilson said.

“We didn’t want the house to feel too formal or overly designed,” Reinhorn added. “We are two creatives sharing a home, and we wanted it to be a place where we can write and make music and tell stories.”

She and Wilson have one son

<p>Holiday Reinhorn Instagram</p>

Holiday Reinhorn Instagram

Wilson and Reinhorn welcomed their first and only child, son Walter McKenzie Wilson, in October 2004.

“It’s a nice, old-fashioned name, and it sounds good,” Wilson told Parade of his son's moniker. "Walter Wilson — very presidential.”

While speaking to Tom Papa on the Breaking Bread Podcast in 2022, Wilson shared that his son didn’t start watching The Office until he was 16. “He [was] like, ‘Dada, I want you to be my dad, I don’t want you to be Dwight. And that was very sweet.”

She’s a philanthropist

<p>Kevin Winter/Getty</p>

Kevin Winter/Getty

Both Wilson and Reinhorn are passionate about philanthropy. In 2009, the couple visited Haiti with the Mona Foundation. “Our lives were transformed on that trip,” Wilson wrote on HuffPost in 2014. “We had never been so affected by a place before. It's a magical country filled with heartbreaking poverty; vital, thrilling culture; and a proud, brilliant populace.”

After the trip, Reinhorn volunteered to teach creative writing for Sean Penn’s charity, J/P Haitian Relief Organization. While Wilson was initially "skeptical" — assuming it would be best to teach the youth skills they could turn into labor — he saw firsthand how much of an impact his wife's work had.

The experience led to the couple founding their charity, The LIDÈ Haiti Foundation, along with executive director Dr. Kathryn Adams. LIDÈ, which means “leader” and “idea” in Haitian Creole, is an educational organization that uses literacy and the arts to empower at-risk adolescent girls in Haiti.

“The arts give you a voice,” he wrote. “They allow a person to express their heart and soul and identity.”

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