Rams' Tre Tomlinson disqualified for facemask tackle of Broncos' Marvin Mims

DENVER (AP) — Los Angeles Rams rookie defensive back Tre Tomlinson was ejected after drawing a personal foul penalty for bringing down Broncos rookie wideout Marvin Mims Jr. by the facemask during Denver's opening drive in Saturday night's exhibition finale.

Mims was running an end-around and turning up field when Tomlinson yanked him down at about the Rams 1-yard line. Tomlinson's hand appeared to remain entangled in the facemask after Mims hit the ground. He appeared to pull the receiver by the helmet on the ground for a short distance before the defensive back freed his hand from the receiver's facemask.

The penalty flag came out quickly, the ball was placed inside the 1-yard line and after a brief discussion on the field, the officials ruled that Tomlinson, a sixth-round pick out of TCU, was disqualified.

Mims did not appear to be injured on the play and continued to participate in the game. Rookie Broncos running back Jaleel McLaughlin ran the ball into the end zone on the next play.