Rare $400 Rubyglow pineapple was introduced to the US this month. It already sold out.

Earlier this month, Fresh Del Monte Produce announced a new hybrid fruit available in the U.S. at a jaw-dropping price of nearly $400.

Now, they've sold out.

Only a couple thousand Rubyglow pineapples, a cross between a traditional pineapple and the Morada variety, were set to be produced this year, according to previous reporting by USA TODAY.

Melissa's Produce, a grocer in Southern California, said it is "proud to be the only distributor offering this extraordinary fruit," according to the retailer's website. The Rubyglow pineapple was selling for the high price of $395.99 before being listed as sold out Monday afternoon.

A niche market

Melissa’s Produce describes the Rubyglow pineapple as a “rare gem” and “the pinnacle of luxury fruit."

Robert Schueller, director of public relations at Melissa’s Produce, told CNN that the retailer started with 50 pineapples at the top of the month, but mostly sold to high end restaurants in Las Vegas and California.

Melissa's Produce tried selling more with the help of influencers. Chef Bo Corley was one of them. The food influencer highlighted the Rubyglow online as "absolutely delightful," but not worth the $400, according to CNN.

Despite that, the grocery store's website listed the fruit as sold out on Monday.

USA TODAY has reached out to the store for more information.

“I think charcuterie boards this Christmas, Thanksgiving − you’re going to see this Rubyglow as a centerpiece, especially in an affluent house,” Corley said, per CNN.

More on the Rubyglow pineapple

The Rubyglow pineapple was grown in Costa Rica after a 15-year development period, USA TODAY previously reported.

As stated, the hybrid fruit takes around two years to grow. When it is mature, its fruit has a deep red outer shell, bright yellow flesh and a distinct sweet flavor.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Rare $400 Rubyglow pineapple sold out at Melissa's Produce