Ray Winstone clashed with 'arrogant' and 'smarmy' Jack Nicholson

Ray Winstone has branded Jack Nicholson "smarmy" and "arrogant" after they fell out while making 2006 thriller 'The Departed'.
The 67-year-old 'Sexy Beast' star has previously hinted about a fed with the Hollywood veteran and now he's revealed Nicholson, 86, took a dislike to him and he has no idea why - and he was offended by his co-star's "smarmy little side mouth" and his "cracks".
In an interview with The Independent newspaper, Ray was asked why Nicholson disliked him and he replied: "I have no idea ... You always look at yourself on set and think, ‘Ooh, I’m alright. I get on with everyone. I do what I gotta do and boom, I go home.’
"But it doesn’t worry me. It doesn’t shock me. You clash a little bit. He’s not the first person I’ve clashed with. He won’t be the last."
Ray went on to add: "I don’t like arrogance. There’s no need for it. This kind of feeling of being above everyone else. We all end up in the same hole in the ground.
"But some people have this smarmy little side mouth. You know, they make cracks for everyone else, but not for you. You think, ‘Oh, really?’ And there’s different ways of dealing with that. You either say your piece and tell them to shut ... up. Or you punch them in the mouth."
However, when asked if he would ever work with 'The Shining' star again, Ray replied: "Of course I want to work with him again! He’s a fantastic actor!"
During the interview, Ray also opened up about another person in the movie industry who he has fallen out with. The actor refused to name the man - describing him only as "English" - but he's planning to have a stern word with him next time they meet.
He said: "I worked with some guy, who’s quite high up and I haven’t seen him since I worked with him, but I’m looking forward to seeing him.
"He knows who he is. And he’s gonna get a real tug from me. Cos he was rude, he was ... horrible ...
"He’s gonna get pulled to one side. Because you don’t want to do that in front of a crew of 250 people. I just looked at him. But his time will come. And he’ll get it."