All the real life filming locations from Netflix's One Day you can visit

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The real life One Day locations you can visitNetflix

Contains spoilers

Netflix has just released their adaptation of David Nicholls' One Day, starring Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall as Emma and Dexter, two university friends/soulmates, whose relationship, romance and heartbreak is shown over a 20-year period.

And while of course we were very caught up in the plot lines, and devastating ending (we're still crying), we couldn't help but notice the stunning filming locations. Their journey takes them from historic Edinburgh, to the scenic Greek Islands, to London.

And so if like us you've been very intrigued by the filming locations, then this is everything you need to know about where One Day was filmed, and most importantly which locations you can visit IRL.

Netflix's One Day filming locations


The first episode of One Day shows Dexter and Emma meeting for the first time at their graduation ball. This scene was filmed at the Old College at Edinburgh University, which you can visit.

After meeting they head back to Emma's flat, which the outside of was filmed in Viewforth in the city. One of the most memorable parts of the series, is Emma and Dexter's trip to Arthur's Seat, and Dexter's subsequent trip with his daughter Jasmine at the end of the series. Arthur's Seat is of course a real place and at the east of the city.

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The other key scene from the Edinburgh moments of One Day is Dexter and Emma's kiss on the steps after Dexter asks Emma to stay in contact. This scene was filmed on The Vennel Steps, in the old town of Edinburgh.


While Emma is busying touring primary schools in episode two, Dexter is staying in Rome, teaching English, when his parents come to visit.

Dexter meets his mother for drinks at a rooftop bar which was actually filmed at the Bio Hotel Raphaël and then the hotel his mother and father are staying at is the boutique hotel Campo de'Fiori. Brb, just booking our summer trip here.


The worst Mexican restaurant in London? Yep Emma and Ian's place of employment was actually filmed in the Old Suffolk Punch, a pub in Hammersmith, which has now closed.

Primrose Hill

Emma and Dexter have one of their more intense conversations about life during a scene in episode three where they spend some time on Primrose Hill, which, you guessed it, was actually filmed in Primrose Hill in London.


The fourth episode of the series sees the friends head on holiday to Greece, and in reality the cast got a trip to Greece too, as the episode was filmed on location on the island of Paros. The harbour at Nousa is used, as well as the town of Parikia.

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Dexter's night out in Brixton in episode five before he heads home to go see his mum, was filmed in the nightclub Fire in Vauxhall.

Central London

In episode five we also see Emma's first date with Ian at a fancy restaurant. This was filmed at Smith and Wollensky steak restaurant near the Adelphi theatre.

And for Dexter and Emma's car crash of a meal in episode seven, the pair dine at the fictional restaurant Pacific, which was filmed in the real life restaurant Quaglino’s in Mayfair.

During episode 11 when Dexter begins working for Callum in that new café, that café scene were actually filmed at real life café Maoz on Old Compton Street.


Episode nine sees Dexter travel to meet Sylvie's family, in what can only be described as one of the worst meeting of the parents we've seen in a while. Her stunning family home was filmed on location in Benington Lordship, which is a Georgian manor often used for filming and the gardens are open February on select dates for visitors to enjoy the garden's impressive snowdrop display.

The cast headed back to Hertfordshire for the filming of episode 10 which focussed on Tilly's wedding. The filming took place in Hatfield House, including making use of the house's famous maze. The house and gardens open up at the selected times throughout the year, so be sure to plan ahead before booking in a visit.


In episode 12 we finally see Emma and Dexter get together in Paris. Filming took place in a variety of locations in Paris including a walk down Rue Pierre Semard and on Passerelle Emmanuelle Riva.

The outside of Emma's apartment in Paris was filmed in Rue des Gobelins in the 13th arrondissement.



By the end of the series Dexter has opened his own café, thanks to some money his mother left him before she died. The cute café was filmed in real life spot La Maison in Islington.


In episode 13 when Emma and Dexter head out for a pizza this was filmed in Bella Roma in Lewisham.

One Day is available on Netflix now

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