Recapping Paul Skenes’ debut, Rockies sweep the champs, Cardinals’ deep-rooted problems & Dylan Bundy retires

This weekend at PNC Park, the baseball world got their first glimpse of the future for the Pittsburgh Pirates when Paul Skenes made his long awaited debut.

And boy did it have everything and more.

Jake Mintz & Jordan Shusterman give their review of the start from the 21-year-old future ace, as well as discuss the wacky and crazy game that would ensure once Skenes came out of the game. While the Pirates were able to get the win, it would all come after one of the weirdest innings of baseball either have ever seen.

Also on this edition of the Baseball Bar-B-Cast, the guys recap all the action from around the league this weekend including the Colorado Rockies surprising everyone by sweeping the defending World Series champion Texas Rangers in Denver, the deep-rooted problems that surround the St. Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves’ pitching stepping up in Queens against the New York Mets.

The guys close out the show by discussing the retirement of Dylan Bundy and why he could be a cautionary tale for young, phenom pitchers on the rise in the minors who must continue to develop once they get to the big leagues.

1:51 - Paul Skenes’ first start in Pittsburgh

18:01 - Rockies complete the sweep against Texas

21:30 - Cardinals’ deep problems

30:40 - Ron Washington’s confidence in Angels

33:52 - Postseason Padres

39:18 - Braves pitching stepping up

49:56 - Astros showing signs of life

55:09 - Dylan Bundy’s retirement

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

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