Red Flag? Travis Kelce Hates Thanksgiving Food, According To His Brother Jason

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Travis Kelce 'Doesn't Like Thanksgiving Food'Cooper Neill - Getty Images

While Travis Kelce has been giving nothing but green flags, I think we may have just found his (possibly only?) flaw. The man doesn't like Thanksgiving food. At least, according to older brother Jason Kelce, that is.

In a November 2022 episode of the siblings' New Heights podcast, Jason opened up about their childhood Thanksgivings. He revealed one of his favorite things besides the "food and being together at the table."

"One of the best things about Thanksgiving... was getting to hear my dad scream at my brother to finish his food," Jason joked. "Trav is a picky eater. [He] doesn't like white sauces, doesn't like goat, well turns out he doesn't like Thanksgiving food either."

Travis, of course, was quick to rebuff his big bro's claims. "Ah, it was the stuffing and mashed potatoes," he said, referring to his least favorite Thanksgiving dishes. "That was always it. And I had to put everything on my plate and finish it all."

"If there is one way to piss a Kelce off, it's not finishing the food on your plate," Jason said. Travis admitted he was "bawling" and "in tears" his "entire childhood" because of his picky-eating habits.

While we don't know where Travis and Taylor will be spending Thanksgiving (or whether they'll be together), at least there will be a few foods on the table that Kelce will touch, including corn, mac and cheese, the rolls, and his "favorite part," the ham. "I ate all the ham," he said.

"We were a big ham family growing up because we didn’t think turkey was very good," Jason added. "Turns out, if you cook turkey really well, it tastes fantastic. We had that dry turkey."

"Dad knew about that honey baked ham, though, over there at Boston market," Travis said. "That one always slaps."

While Kelce has built a reputation as a picky eater in his family, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end has been spotted out and about at restaurants with Swift the past few weeks, from Missouri to New York City, including the hotspots Nobu, Waverly Inn, and Argentinean restaurant Piropos.

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