Red spots on Donald Trump’s hand spark speculation

After a photo caught Donald Trump literally red-handed, social media users are speculating about the cause of the mysterious marks.

The picture posted on 17 January captured the former president in a classic pose — with one arm lifted, waving to the crowd — but his hand showed a notable difference: bright red spots covering his fingers and palm.

The term “Trump bumps” has since trended on X as social media users are trying to guess the cause, from medical conditions to golf wounds to the result of a fall to makeup to ketchup.

“What if he just had some nuggs and it’s ketchup,” one user wondered.

One user noted that the 2024 Republican frontrunner could have fallen: “It’s not uncommon for 77 yo people to fall. His campaign should explain.”

Another user concluded Mr Trump was wearing “hand makeup.”

The Trump campaign has not confirmed the cause. The Independent has reached out to the Trump campaign.

The account Patriot Takes noted that his hand didn’t look like that at his rally in New Hampshire the day before. Patriot Takes later posted a photo of Mr Trump’s hand at his press conference in New York for the E Jean Carroll trial.

“His spots appear less red, but you can still see them,” the account wrote.

The question even reached MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” where co-host Joe Scarborough asked: “Do we have any answer on what’s on Donald Trump’s… his hands are bleeding.

“Looks like he has a sore…” co-host Willie Geist speculated. Mika Brzezinski then cut in and asked, “Is that magic marker?”

This isn’t the first time recently that photos of the 2024 candidate have sparked wild speculation about is going on with Mr Trump behind the scenes.

Last month, a firestorm erupted after a photo circulated, showing the former president standing on two rectangular pads while he was speaking at Mar-a-Lago.