Reese Witherspoon dramatically resurrects her 2012 'visor fringe' haircut

If you look[ed] up the words 'family resemblance' in the dictionary, you will [read: would have] see[n] a picture of Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Phillipe for their uncanny resemblance. However, that was until just a few days ago when Reese decided to transport us back to 2012 with a new (or should I say, older) full fringe haircut. Doppelgängers they are no more.

Casually debuting the transformation, Reese took to Instagram with a five-part carousel post alongside a select few family members. Wavering us beyond what we cannot stop staring at, she writes as the caption: "Still laughing about this whole brunch 🌸😂💗😎*last slide is the TRUTH".

Erm, Reese, we are anything but laughing right now. More like shocked to our cores with such nostalgia being thrust upon our social media screens!

Sans-warning aside, we have to admit that the actor looks incredible with this hairstyle. I mean, does she not look exactly the same as she did at the This Means War 2012 premiere...

london jan 30 reese witherspoon attends the this means war premiere on january 30, 2012 at the odeon cinema, kensington in london photo by anthony harveygetty images
Anthony Harvey - Getty Images

She said 'ageing, who'?!

Now, if you're wanting to make like Reese with a very similar – if not the same – hairstyle, then at your next salon appointment ask for a wispy 'visor fringe' alongside showing the above picture reference.

As demonstrated so effortlessly, the visor cut sits perfectly at lash-skimming length and features a blunt, yet wispy finish. A visor but for your forehead, if you will.

Who knew the 2010s would make a comeback, ey? Not me, that's fo'sure.

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