Reform UK pulls to within two points of Tories in latest YouGov poll

Reform UK has pulled to within two points of the Conservatives, according to the latest YouGov poll of the election campaign for Sky News.

The latest exclusive weekly survey, conducted on Monday and Tuesday before the head-to-head TV debate, puts Labour on 40%, the Tories on 19%, Reform UK on 17%, the Liberal Democrats on 10% and the Greens on 7%.

Most of the poll, which was carried out using different methodology to last week's survey, was conducted after Nigel Farage became leader of Reform on Monday.

Compared to the last voting intention poll taken on Thursday and Friday, the Conservatives are down two, Labour is down six, the Lib Dems are up two and Reform is up two.

This means under the new methodology, the lead for Labour is 21 points.

YouGov interviewed 2,144 GB adults online.

The impact of the methodological change - which applies modelling to turnout and the behaviour of don't knows - is typically to reduce the Labour lead by three and increase the Lib Dem share by about two. There is usually no boost to the Tory share.

YouGov says the impact on this particular poll of the methodological change is slightly bigger because of rounding, and the Labour lead under the old method would have been 27 points, up from the 25-point lead at the end of last week.

The poll is likely to worry some Conservatives, who fear losing voters on the right of their party to Reform UK - especially now Mr Farage is at the helm.

The veteran Eurosceptic on Monday announced he would not only take over as Reform's leader, but also stand as a candidate in Clacton, Essex.

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This will be his eighth time trying to be an MP, having never previously succeeded.

He had initially ruled out standing but said he had a "terrible sense of guilt" for not putting himself forward when the election was called.

Mr Farage has ruled out doing a deal with the Tories - as he did in 2019 when Reform was known as the Brexit party - saying at his campaign launch that he has been "betrayed by a Conservative Party I have given considerable help to".

He said his goal was to win "millions" more votes than UKIP had, which was another party he previously led, and make Reform the official opposition.

A YouGov MRP poll of 53,334 people in England and Wales and 5,541 in Scotland, published on Monday, had the Conservatives likely to win Clacton but that was before Mr Farage made his dramatic announcement to return to frontline politics.