Reporter Asks Jennifer Lopez For 'Truth' About Ben Affleck Situation At Presser

Jennifer Lopez did nothing to quell speculation about her marriage to Ben Affleck when she was confronted by a reporter Wednesday.

As reports circulated that the celebrity pair were headed for a split, one journalist dared to ask about it at a news conference for her new movie, “Atlas,” in Mexico City.

“Is your divorce with Ben Affleck real? These rumors?” the journalist asked, per People. “What is the truth ... what is the truth of the situation?”

Costar Simu Liu stepped in.

“OK we’re not doing that,” he said. “Thank you so much, guys. I really appreciate it. Thank you.”

“You know better than that,” Lopez politely scolded the reporter.

“Don’t come in here with that energy, please,” Liu added.

The mass interview ended on a light note when Lopez joked to reporters in Spanish that no one asked a question in Spanish “but OK.” The crowd laughed as she walked out.

Lopez and Affleck rekindled their early-aughts romance to much fanfare, culminating in their 2022 marriage. But it doesn’t look good for the couple amid mountingreports that all is not well.

Affleck did not attend the Los Angeles or Mexico City premieres of “Atlas,” People noted.

The sci-fi thriller begins streaming Friday on Netflix.