Rescue continues after Italian Alps glacier collapse

STORY: Rescue operations were underway in the Italian Alps on Monday (July 4) after part of a mountain glacier collapsed amid record temperatures, killing at least six people and injuring eight, local authorities said.

The avalanche on Sunday (July 3) took place on the Marmolada, which at more than 10,800 feet is the highest peak in the Dolomites --

a range in the eastern Italian Alps straddling the regions of Trento and Veneto.

An early summer heatwave in Italy saw temperatures on the Marmolada touch 50 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday (July 2), authorities said.

The Trento provincial government said the large "ice avalanche" involved hikers, on the route close to Punta Rocca usually used by climbers to reach the summit according to the Alpine Rescue Unit.

The eight wounded people were being treated in hospital and were "not in a good condition" , the Alpine rescue unit said.

Helicopters and dogs were being used to try to find survivors.