Rescuers recall lifting car to help free motorcycle accident victim

Sean Graham and Douglas County, Neb., Sheriff’s Lt. Timothy Owens spoke to Yahoo News’ Garin Flowers about rescuing a pinned down motorcycle rider by lifting a car to free him.

Video transcript

GARIN FLOWERS: How did you feel when you were helping remove the car from above this gentleman and then you successfully-- the group was able to remove him? How did you feel once you saw that you were able to help?

SEAN GRAHAM: I really-- it really didn't take me to a shock, you know, [? being ?] some of the things I've seen. You know, it just-- I really hadn't-- I didn't think about myself at that time. You know, I'm paying for it right now. My back been hurting. [LAUGHS] But I put some Lanacane on my back. But-- but that's minor compared to a whole life, you know,

GARIN FLOWERS: Even before someone could call 911, you already were just in the area and just happened to come across the accident?

TIMOTHY OWENS: Yeah, I don't think there was a 911 call made at that time. And we just-- we just responded basically of them flagging us down. And that's when we noticed the victim, and everybody took the action, which are incredible.