Richard Simmons Shares Message About Dying — But Is 'Healthy and Happy,' Longtime Friend Assures

"I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest every single day,” the 75-year-old fitness guru said

Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons is sharing a message about dying, encouraging his fans to “enjoy your life to the fullest.”

On Monday, the 75-year-old made a lengthy post on Facebook offering tips for keeping a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

“I have some news to tell you. Please don’t be sad. I am ….dying. Oh I can see your faces now. The truth is we all are dying.  Every day we live we are getting closer to our death,” he wrote. “Why am I telling you this?  Because I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest every single day. Get up in the morning and look at the sky… count your blessings and enjoy.”

In the post, Simmons stressed the importance of having three healthy meals a day, including a dessert “once in a while.”

“One healthy day of eating will lead to the next…and the next,” he said.

The fitness guru also encouraged his fans to stay active as much as possible, promoting his workout videos available on YouTube. “Every day that you are alive you have got to move. Whether it is standing or sitting you have got to move your body every day. Start with stretching then cardio and strength,” Simmons continued.

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David A. Walega/WireImage Richard Simmons
David A. Walega/WireImage Richard Simmons

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“There is something else very important that you must do,” he ended. “Tell the ones that you love that you love them. Hug those people and children who you really care for. A big hug really goes a long way. If you have time I want you to listen to a terrific song.  It is by Tim McGraw it is called Live Like You Were Dying. Live today and don’t forget to pray.”

Simmons received tons of praise for the advice in the comments section. Despite the alarming comment about “dying,” a longtime friend of the star tells PEOPLE that Simmons is “healthy and happy,” noting that the post was “purely an inspirational message."

Though he's been out of the spotlight for years now, Simmons has been using his Facebook page recently to share inspiring messages of support and love.

"All I want for all of you is to be happy and peaceful," he wrote on Jan. 19. "Please don’t let anyone be mean to you or put you down.You don’t deserve that. Never forget I keep all of you in my prayers every single night. Know your worth."

Simmons also shared a Valentine's Day message, encouraging his fans to “do something nice for your heart” as he shared a memory with his mother in honor of the occasion.

Following the heartfelt message, a source close to Simmons told PEOPLE, “It’s important to know that helping and inspiring people has always been truly at the core of who he is. He’s happy and hopes his words will motivate others to be happy as well. The posts over the last couple of weeks are all significant — he’s digging deeper. These are just not motivational but also very personal. He’s showing sides of himself that we haven’t seen before.”

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