Rihanna explains importance of having sons' hair braided

Rihanna knew "immediately" she wanted to have her sons' hair braided.
The 36-year-old singer has always viewed the hairstyle as a way to channel self-expression, as well as connect to her roots and so she was keen to pass the symbol on to RZA, 22 months, and seven-month-old Riot - who she has with partner A$AP Rocky - to help them feel "protected" by their ancestors.
She told China's Vogue magazine: "This is a form of protection by our ancestors...[it] makes us realise where we've come from.
"This is our lost history. I immediately wanted my children to have their hair's something in our blood."
The 'Diamonds' singer previously expressed her desire to "break generational curses" with her own family.
She told 'Access Hollywood': "I hoped that I could have kids one day, and I hoped I could have them in love, and I hoped that I can be a part of a family that you know, breaks generational curses and just like, moves forward and does new things, and raises our kids better than we’ve been raised, and all the beautiful things, and it’s happening, and I can’t believe it."
And Rihanna has found her relationship with Rocky has changed since they had their sons.
She explained: "I loved him differently as a dad. This is major, major like - it’s a turn on. What a leader, what a great, patient, loving … and my kids are obsessed with him. I’m just a background, like, I’m an extra."
The Bajan pop star revealed her pregnancy during her Super Bowl halftime show in February 2023, but she later admitted she hadn't intended to share the news if it wasn't for the fact the zipper on her costume wouldn't do up.
She said: "Here’s the thing - I do what I have to do, right?. My jumper couldn’t zip up. No one knew I was pregnant - I just told my stylist, ‘Make sure it’s stretchy'. So the underarm, it was stretchy, and [the bottom of the jumper] was baggy, but you know ...
"[On the day of the show] the zip, it just stopped right there. So it had to be what it had to be!"