Rihanna's new ash blonde 'glass hair' is a thing of beauty

Rihanna's new ash blonde 'glass hair' is a thing of beauty

With Paris Fashion Week well underway, it's no surprise that our social media feeds are filled with an abundance of show-stopping beauty looks – including that Pat McGrath x Maison Margiela glass skin slay. But makeup aside, taking one for team celeb today is Rihanna with a 'glass hair' look like no other.

Shared in an Instagram post over the weekend by her makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, Rihanna was spotted out in the city of lurve with hip-skimming locks. However, it wasn't the lengths that had us initially gushing but instead, the muted colour and finish of her hair. Enter: ash blonde glass-like locks.

She really said shine bright like a diamond.

RiRi's go-to hairstylist, Yusef Williams was the genius behind this sleek 'do, seamlessly installing inches of perfectly colour-matched extensions into the singer's newly dyed ashy blonde hair.

Now, what constitutes said glass hair is, undoubtedly, the health of one's strands. I mean, the better kept your hair is, the glossier it will look; no one wants to be GC frazzled, IYGM. Interestingly, hair health has risen in popularity over recent years, meaning that so has the sub-beauty glass hair trend; after all, you really can't achieve one without the other.

Clearly, despite having her hair styled daily with a sh*t tonne of products and heated tools, Rihanna has managed to maintain the integrity of her lengths. That is, ofc, with a little help from a professional glam team and temporary extensions. But hey, there's no denying how great she looks.

So, if you, too, want to replicate Ri's silky strands, seek out the best of the best hair oils, conditioners, masks et al (you're welcome) as well as Yusef's go-to Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray.

Spritz onto wet locks before activating its humidity-proofing powers with heat et voilà! You can thank us later...

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