Rob Lowe celebrates 33 years of sobriety

Rob Lowe is celebrating 33 years of sobriety.
The 59-year-old actor has taken to social media to reflect on his sobriety journey and to offer encouragement to other people who are going through a similar struggle.
Rob - who began drinking heavily as a teenager - wrote on Instagram: "33 years ago today I found recovery and a tribe that has sustained me on my incredible, grateful journey. My life is full of love, family, God, opportunity, friends, work, dogs and fun. If you or someone you know is struggling with any form of addiction: hope and joy are waiting if you want it, and are willing to work for it! (sic)"
Rob previously claimed that honesty has been key to his recovery.
The Hollywood star also admitted that it's been a constant battle for him.
He told Variety: "The only way to stay in recovery is to be honest with yourself on a minute-by-minute basis. No secrets, no double life. And you have to get real. That’s what acting is all about - being real and being honest.
"The longer you are in recovery the more facile you are in getting honest. It really helps get you where you need to be [as an actor] a lot quicker."
Rob also recognised that he needed to take charge of his recovery, rather than relying on other people.
The movie star said: "Nothing can make you get sober except you wanting to do it.
"The threat of losing a marriage, losing a job, incarceration - you name the threat, it will not be enough to do it. It’s got to be in you. The reason that people don’t get sober 100 percent of the time when they go into programmes is that people aren’t ready when they go to use the tools."