Robbie Williams 'lost his virginity in seconds' in his mum's bed

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Robbie Williams admits he lost his virginity in "seconds" in his mum’s bed.
The 'Angels' hitmaker - who is now married to Ayda Field - has recalled his first intimate encounter with a girl when he was a teenager at the St Margaret Ward Roman Catholic School in Stoke-on-Trent.
He told the 'This Past Weekend' podcast: "I took the girl back to mine and then I got scared, I was like, ‘I can’t do this.’
"And then as she was leaving I saw all of my friends’ faces pointing and laughing at me and I was like, ‘No, I must do this.’ They were laughing because I wasn’t going to do it.
"So I go upstairs and go into my room and it’s a single bed and we can’t fit on it, so I go into my mum’s. It was over in seconds."
The 47-year-old singer admitted he still remembers the girl fondly, and he even referenced her in one of his songs.
He added: "I put her name in a song of mine, perhaps I shouldn’t have done that because she’ll be a mum.”
And Robbie joked he later discovered a technique to help his performance in the bedroom.
He quipped: "I’d have to have sex with people I didn’t fancy just to have long sex.”
Meanwhile, the former Take That star previously insisted he "could have got certificates for sexual endeavours" as a teenager on family holidays in the UK.
He said: "I have spent a fortune ... none [of my holidays] have come close to the joy and excitement and happiness I had on those holidays.
"When you’re talking about holiday romances, I remember metaphorically working through the gears.
"At 13, I had the kiss, 14, it progressed to somewhere else: bra. At 15, a little bit further, then 16, I was sleeping with the Blue Coats.
"You know when you got certificates for swimming when you was a kid? I could have got certificates for sexual endeavours.
"I hate to be crass, but that was what my youth was like."

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