Robbie Williams is 'numerically dyslexic'

Robbie Williams is "numerically dyslexic".
The 'Let Me Entertain You' hitmaker - who has Theodora, eight, Charlton, five, Colette, two, and Beau, six months, with his wife Ayda Field - has revealed he suffers with dyscalculia, and finds it hard to add and subtract numbers together.
He said: "I'm numerically dyslexic. I can't add or subtract.
"I always get in trouble because I don't know my kids' birth dates and I don't know our anniversary and I don't know my wife's birthday ... I can't even remember our house in Los Angeles. It has four digits for the start of the address and I can't ever remember what those digits are."
Robbie also struggles to remember key dates in his life - but he has a fool proof plan to ensure he never forgets them again.
Speaking on the Three Little Words podcast, he added: "I'm going to get them all tattooed, all of those dates, so I know them and have them. 'Cause every day is like 'Memento' to me."
Meanwhile, Robbie - who had previously battled with drug and alcohol addictions - recently confessed he has an "addiction" to playing golf online.
He said: "This is something I was explaining to my wife Ayda. My addictions will manifest every day. So when I wasn't sleeping last night, I was playing golf online. It's something I look forward to when the kids have gone to bed. It's basically me having my two glasses of red wine ...
"But with food, you have to eat it. So you are constantly triggered in some way with some form of self-abuse that you have to consume to be alive. It's different from sex, coke and booze addiction, because you don't have to have those things."I'm like a pack of Pringles, I am. Once I pop, I cannot stop."