Robert Irwin's fans spot odd detail in 'dangerous' crocodile expedition video

'Two different cars mate. What is the deal?' one person asked after Robert posted the video of the rocky terrain.

Steve Irwin was known as one of the most adventurous Aussies on TV, and it's clear his son Robert Irwin has definitely followed in his footsteps.

From working tirelessly at Australia Zoo to rescuing snakes and feeding crocodiles, the 19-year-old is dedicated to being a conservationist.

However, his latest video where he’s seen crossing Wenlock River in Far North Queensland for a crocodile research expedition has left people scratching their heads.

Robert Irwin selfie
Robert Irwin's latest video has left people scratching their heads. Photo: Instagram/Robert Irwin

Robert is seen in the frightening footage driving a four-wheel drive across the rough terrain, sticking his arm out the window of the jeep at one stage to show how rocking it is.

The car is seen in the middle of the river, navigating its way through as the water laps around it.

Some fans however pointed out in the comments section that there appear to be two different cars in the video.


Robert Irwin's jeep in a video in the middle of a river
People have pointed out that there appear to be two cars shown in the video. Photo: Instagram/Robert Irwin

“Two different cars mate. What is the deal?” one person asked.

“Why does it go from a 100 series to a 76 series? Two different cars,” another said.

“Switching cars in shots tripped me out,” another fan wrote, with one person agreeing saying: “It’s not the same video… are 2 different cars.”

It is of course entirely possible that Robert meant to show two different cars in the video and there’s no denying the footage is pretty scary, a point many people hammered home in the comments section.

“That river crossing looks mighty dangerous Robert! I know your dad would be so very proud of you,” one person said.

“Omg that stresses me out,” another wrote, with one person saying it’s about time there was a documentary made about Robert.

Others were intrigued to know if the car Robert was driving was his “dad’s old Ute?”

“Is that your dad's old Jeep he used to drive in with your mom many years ago ??! @bindisueirwin @robertirwinphotography. Please tell me it is! I miss watching those Crocodile Hunter episodes so much!!” one person said.

Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckley
Robert is reportedly moving to WA to be with his girlfriend, Rorie Buckley. Photo: Getty Images

Robert to 'leave Australia Zoo'

Last month, it was reported that the Australia Zoo zookeeper is planning on leaving the family business behind so he can move to Western Australia to be with his love, Rorie Buckley.

According to Woman’s Day, the distance from Robert’s home in Queensland to 19-year-old Rorie’s in WA is getting too much for the duo.

Rorie, who is the niece of the late Heath Ledger, is finishing her studies in WA and Robert apparently wants to join her there so they can see more of each other.


“It’s a real pain,” a source told Woman’s Day.

“Right when they really want to explore their relationship, they have this hellish distance between them.”

However, it’s believed Robert’s mother, Terri Irwin, is slightly concerned about how fast the pair are moving and has instead put forward the idea that Rorie and her family should come to visit Australia Zoo for Christmas.

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