Roisin Murphy hospitalised in Russia with headbanging injury

Roisin Murphy was hospitalised in Russia after smashing her face into a chair while she was headbanging.
The former Moloko star, 49, has revealed a gig in Moscow went horribly wrong after her exuberant onstage antics ended in disaster - she was rushed to hospital where she was told to get in touch with a plastic surgeon to fix the damage which left her with a permanent scar.
She told the Guardian newspaper: "I commit [on stage] to the point where it could be dangerous for me. Nothing else is more important than I do this show and you really f****** feel what I have to express to you right now. I have had accidents. I’ve smashed my face, right here ... "
She added of the accident: "In Moscow, many years ago, because I was head-banging, like really head-banging, and there was a wooden chair and I just … head‑banged into it.
"The guy in the hospital looked at it and went: ‘We can’t possibly do that, you should go home and see your plastic surgeon!’ Like I had a plastic surgeon on speed dial! There you go, that’s Moscow."
Roisin attributes her wild onstage style to Grace Jones and Iggy Pop who have been her inspiration over the years - and she still tries to start her performances in the same manner as Iggy.
She added: "I go out on stage like him – like a bullet from a gun, straight out."
Roisin has spent the last few years working on a new album and the currently unnamed record is due to be released later in 2023.