Royal expert sparks backlash after tweet about Meghan Markle's skin colour

Meghan Markle appears onstage at the 2021 Global Citizen Live concert at Central Park in New York, U.S., September 25, 2021. REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs
Royal commentator Angela Levin came under fire for commenting on Meghan Markle's skin colour. (Reuters)

A royal commentator has come under fire for commenting on the colour of Meghan Markle's skin in a Twitter post.

Angela Levin, who wrote a biography of Prince Harry in 2018 - shared a story about Meghan and Harry with the comment: "Look how white Meghan's skin colour looks".

Tessy Ojo, chief executive of the Diana Award, a charity dedicated to the legacy of Harry's mother, branded the comment "atrocious and beyond belief".

She wrote: "I'll never one to jump on a bandwagon as it goes against everything i believe, but this post is atrocious and beyond belief! Why on earth would you think it is acceptable to comment on the skin colour of a person? Have we sunk so low that nothing is sacred anymore?"

Tessy Ojo, chief executive of
Tessy Ojo, chief executive of The Diana Award, called the post 'atrocious'. (Twitter/Tessy Ojo CBE)

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, lawyer, political and women's rights activity, said: "If she had the courage of her conviction she would boldly state the real point she's making about Meghan Markle's skin colour 'looking white'?"

Claire Heuchan, author of Sister Outrider, wrote: "Despite her years-long obsession with Meghan Markle, Angela Levin remains oblivious to the fact that the complexions of light-skinned people can and do change dramatically with the seasons."

Earlier this week, Levin said she ‘felt sick’ at the thought of Prince Harry calling his own family ‘racist’.

Harry and Meghan are to receive the Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Human Rights award for speaking up against the “structural racism within the institution” of the British monarchy

Levin said: “It actually makes me feel sick that Harry, who was close to his father until he got married, felt that he could accept money and an award for trying to prove that his family was racist. There’s zero proof.”

She added: “He’s obviously doing what he’s told. I mean he’s becoming weaker and weaker and Meghan just gives him orders it seems and he does it. Because I don’t think any man … would actually want to do that to his family.”

Angela Levin has been critical of Meghan Markle. (GB News)
Angela Levin has been critical of Meghan Markle. (GB News)

Levin came under fire from Vanessa Feltz in September when the TalkTV presenter accused her of projecting an image of 'the evil temptress' onto the Duchess of Sussex.

Levin claimed Feltz, who has herself been critical of Meghan in the past, had an "agenda to attack me" after she was confronted to provide factual evidence to back up her opinions.

Levin said: "The Prince Harry I knew was absolutely charming, instinctive like his mother, full of fun, and now he looks when he's out - incredible unhappy and very, very tense and resentful."

Feltz replied: "I wonder if you're just rehashing that kind of biblical story that we've all heard so many times of the evil temptress and the trusting and vulnerable man who is gullible and mailable in her hands. And I wonder whether it's based on any kind of real knowledge of her personality and what she truly feels and thinks, because after all - how can you know?

In a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan said an unnamed member of the royal family had voiced concerns over how dark their son Archie’s skin would be before he was born.