Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas was determined to wait for the perfect man

Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas stayed single for years because she was determined to wait for her perfect man.
The 52-year-old TLC star started dating former 'Boy Meets World' regular Matthew Lawrence, 43, last year and Chilli has declared she's completely smitten with the actor - insisting she was right to have "high standards" when dating because she's finally met Mr Right.
Chilli - who previously documented her search for love in TV show 'What Chilli Wants' - opened up about her wait during an appearance on the 'Tamron Hall Show', saying: "On my show, I always hoped that women would see the importance of having high standards. And I got a lot of flack for that, but I don't care ...
"For me, I just waited it out. I'm like: 'Lord, if it happens, wonderful. If it doesn't, I'm still OK.' I've never been the one that's hard up, saying I've gotta be in a relationship or I gotta be married and all this. I wanted it to be right."
She added of her new man: "Matthew, honestly, he's the list. I can't even say this or that, he is my entire list. So I thank God every day for him."
Chilli previously gushed about her blossoming romance in a chat with New York Post column PageSix at the Variety’s Power of Women luncheon earlier this year, insisting the relationship is the deal deal.
She said: "It’s real and there is nothing fake about it. I’m here with him because I wanna be and he wants to be. We’re just so happy, we really are. "I honestly didn’t think that I would experience what I’m experiencing now [in my relationship] and I was OK with that." She added of her man: "He has changed everything, the way I look at relationships. It’s so different."